As you have probably guessed, this is periodontitis. (And its initial stage – gingivitis) can be considered a disease of the century. Suffers from gingivitis (not always aware of it) is not less than half the adult population of our country. In this disease develops hypertrophy interdental nipples edge gums become inflamed, gum bleed, sometimes observed tooth mobility. Unfortunately, pregnancy greatly increases the likelihood of ill gingivitis – There is even such a thing as "gingivitis pregnant." If gingivitis developed during pregnancy, the chances that oral health after giving birth to normal, the woman is much greater than in the case to the moment when she became pregnant, she had already suffered from this disease. So my advice to you – do not neglect the visits to the dentist (at least every six months) before conception! Treatment of gingivitis reduces to an anti-inflammatory activities and the systematic renovation of the oral cavity. Should regularly refer to the dentist to remove plaque and kamney.Bolnye teeth during pregnancy to treat not only possible but absolutely necessary – otherwise after birth may happen that has nothing to cure. In addition, carious teeth – a haven for a variety of microorganisms, including pathogens that can cause very unpleasant illness like his mother, and at Child.

Anaesthesia. Local anesthesia (an injection in the gum) is quite possible, however, during pregnancy, there are a number of constraints and features, so you should always inform your doctor that you are expecting a baby. Even if you only suspect that you may be pregnant, it is better to be safe and talk about their suspicions to the dentist – he'll pick up an effective and safe for you and your child anesthetic (eg, ultrakain or ubistezin).

Katie Holmes

The twentieth century has fallen on the heads of the inhabitants of our planet, not only the two world wars and a jump of technical progress, but blew a lovely young ladies heads ridiculous hats, shortened the length of our skirts, and brought to vanderbra the shops. Having emerged from the dense jungle of prejudices, we are able to contemplate on the streets of beautiful children with belly brides who proudly bear in front of him, not hiding, but proud and glad nucleated new life. So, you're pregnant – what to do? So often in recent times is that the couple met, or living together and all the hard lays one of the most important events in our lives later. Reasons may be a hundred: that money does not enough, the repairs in the apartment, the bride seems to be that while she did not lose weight by 5 pounds, she would not go to the altar. And then there is in the womb, who will put all valuables in their places and negate unimportant, but seem so important, the reasons for the stroke of two slips on a pregnancy test. And now the couple have two choices: either wait for the child's birth and, as , Katie Holmes, to arrange a wondrous beauty of celebration, in which your child is involved, or not waiting for the birth, go to the registrar, in fact, many couples want their child is born already formed unit of society. If you decide to celebrate the wedding. . Rand Paul is often mentioned in discussions such as these.


If the overall health of future mothers is good, then the fillings are not contraindicated, as well as the use of lamps for curing seal. Local anesthesia (an injection in the gum) is used with restrictions – more favorable for this second half of pregnancy when the placenta is formed and the fetus is less vulnerable, but in case of emergency can be made and some more complex surgical procedures, such as remove the "running" the roots or razbolevshiysya and not subject to restoring the tooth. Used anesthetics do not penetrate through the placental barrier. This does not mean that analgesics can drink uncontrollably, replacing this approach to doctor. If there is a need for X-ray examination, then you need to know that in the first trimester of pregnancy, it is not desirable. A doctor may be embedded in the tooth cavity temporary medical material, until the opportunity make sure that the channel is passed. But if the situation is critical and urgent, it remains to console himself with the fact that X-rays in dentistry – low-doze and carried out with the mandatory use of protective apron.

Very often the companion of pregnancy are of gum disease. Hormonal changes lead to a deterioration in their blood. They often become cyanotic hue, begin to bleed, even when minor injuries, such as brushing your teeth is not too soft brush. These phenomena after childbirth can take themselves, but we can not exclude the development of gingivitis – inflammation. The reason may be modified remineralizuyuschih properties of saliva by reducing the concentration of calcium and phosphate, which should normalize acid-base balance after a meal.


For What does it do? The brain is a "remote control" of the whole organism. To broaden your perception, visit Senator From Kentucky. From the first moments of birth and throughout life from his work depends on the immune system, hormones, metabolism, the work of all organs and systems. For even more details, read what Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes says on the issue. In the pediatric neurology exists the concept of "a false increase in neurological symptoms. This means that the pathological effects occurred a long time (complications of pregnancy, childbirth), and eventually, to the extent 'Inclusion in the work of "new areas of the brain, it becomes apparent how damaged the nervous system at one time. And the growing bundle of problems "not only with the behavior, learning, and child health in general.

Why Ultrasound (ultrasonography study) of the brain-child? Performing ultrasound of the brain, the doctor determines how well-formed brain structures, is there any signs of immaturity, transferred hypoxia, ischemia, inflammation, excessive accumulation of fluid in the cranial cavity, etc. Conducting research does not require special preparation, not invasive, painless, short and safe. The highest information content after 10 days of life. Considering only data ultrasound, the doctor often tracks the dynamics of recovery after treatment, as to evaluate the work of most parts of the brain in the infant is almost impossible. Everything is so bad? Not at all. All just fine. As our grandmothers: "40 years ago no one was treated and all grown up." Really! And grow up, but the quality of life and health for all will be different. Medicine and education have shown that children with moderate and severe damage to the nervous system on time and in full, received a neurological treatment in the first months of life are often more successful in school and healthy than their peers with mild or undiagnosed brain damage, not received medical treatment.

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In the dental office after the gynecologist – a dentist! If your guesses about pregnancy confirmed, first, or one of the first doctors that you visit after exit from the women's consultations, should be dentist – even if you never had the teeth did not complain. In the mouth there are about 50 million bacteria, which are the main food – carbohydrates. The lack of power they obviously do not have to complain, so they multiply – the warmth and fullness – with a truly incredible rate, especially if their "owner" – a sweet tooth! And if it does not host and hostess "in an interesting position," the conditions for life in freedom and rapid breeding of germs even more. Increased appetite, usually accompanies pregnancy, contributes to consume more carbohydrates. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Senator From Kentucky by clicking through. Frequent vomiting in the first trimester may increase the acidity of saliva. Acidic environment and an excess of carbohydrates – what else would you microflora? In response to growing demand for calcium greater than usual risk of being during pregnancy and tooth enamel – a shield that protects the teeth from contact with the oral microflora. In your position slightest damage to the tooth enamel is fraught with the rapid development of dental caries: in fact the fetus is actively formed bone system, and the slightest lack of calcium in the body it begins to "leach" from the teeth and bone materi.Est another reason during pregnancy and after birth are absolutely necessary to find the time to visit the dentist (and if possible – to a specialist, periodontics). . Mark Fields often addresses the matter in his writings.

Research Questions

Defining the target population – one of the most important research questions. Generalized as the population received an audience in contact with the company in any aspect. In other words, one could identify the general population and the target audience, but the variety of areas of marketing research requires assumptions. For example, the purpose of research study may be the target audience groups, consuming goods, substitutes, former customers no longer being targeted group. Accordingly, setting the parameters determining the general population – a particular problem for each case study. The investigator should not hesitate to use screening – of 'filtering' general population for the selection of the right of the respondents. Screener – a group of questions at the beginning of the questionnaire, the answers to which determine the human involvement in the survey. Typically, researchers try not to 'blow up' screener, that is not complicate the filters, since this would lead to a more rigorous and dropping out of respondents, respectively, to waste.

On the other hand, the direct benefit of the customer – the most rigorous selection of respondents. Center for Environmental Health has much to offer in this field. The questions should meet people who can answer them, otherwise part of the respondent in the study is impractical. A good example is the recent market research specific type of food for pregnant dogs, which was participate in 1150 'pet owners' selected screener that is inconsistent with the boundaries of the study. The result – a 55-percent average fill out the questionnaire, because not all owners of the guinea pigs versed in dog food.

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That is, he will tell you if you are doing something wrong. Vulnerability Svetlana was detached placenta, and most of the pregnancy she spent in the hospital, at a saving. Births were prolonged, the child was a short umbilical cord. The kid had to push. Its posted on his stomach, but my mother started bleeding, so attached to the boy's chest was not possible. In three years child diagnosed with hyperexcitability due to intrauterine hypoxia and birth. " The boy is scared to take up something, if it considers that it is difficult.

He was very emotional and vulnerable children. Council Psychologist: together with your child step by step plan of action for the job, breaking a large task into parts, for each result, even the most insignificant, encourage, praise. Then the child will be much easier to handle, he will get positive emotions from an assignment, to enjoy his success, and in future not to be afraid of large and complex cases. Comment: Indeed, so sensitive kiddies psychologically difficult to digest a lot of people. They need to plan ahead for situations to stimulate to action, noting the slightest shazhochki, any manifestation of independence.

Such a child may be raised anxiety sensitivity. He definitely need support of a neurologist or a homeopath. Baby can be difficult to break away from his mother (because the umbilical cord, then there is a connection with her mom, was short). But mom can be difficult to "let go" Child. In such situations, at a reception at the psychologist is working with a sense of guilt and anxiety, moms and, of course, the condition of the child.