Post Natal Depression

After you pass the big day, many women feel an emptiness that cannot be explained, this is called depression post-boda. Don’t worry!, you don’t have to alarm you, this condition is more normal than you think. Here you will find some tips for coping with the situation, without affecting your marriage. What is the post-boda depression? Many women define this sentiment, depression post-boda, as a nostalgia, anxiety or feeling of emptiness that begin to experience during the first days of their married life. Psychologists say that this is perfectly normal, since for a long period of time were dedicated to everything involving the Organization of wedding, and now have to face a life change that comes along with different and unknown responsibilities. It is presumed that this phenomenon only occurs in women who from very small yearned for the day of your wedding, and dreamed of how it would be; and once completed the big day a feeling of purpose fills them.

It happens that way because it is something to what these women have clung throughout his life, and to pass the event feel that they lost it; It is very similar to losing a loved one. How to treat it? Psychologists say that this syndrome of depression post-boda is not serious. They claim that if well managed, can last few days. ?It is essential that these women fall into account that although the event has passed, does not represent a loss an end but the beginning of a new stage in their lives. Do not worry! If later married you get to feel a little sad or you just your single life, you don’t have to worry, the best thing you can do is talk it over with your spouse or with your friends, who will always be there for you.

However, if you see pass the months and does not improve your state of mind, the best thing you can do is seek help from a professional in psychology or Psychiatry, who will help you out of this airy situation of insurance. If you want to know more tips for organizing weddings, Bridal beauty tips, tips for wedding vendors, wedding decoration, list of weddings and more, visit our wedding Tips section. is the portal of weddings for Brides of Venezuela and Latin America, where you can get the best information for the Organization and realization of your marriage: tips for weddings, tips from experts, beauty and fashion tips, and more. We also offer wedding list service by internet, through which you can select the gifts that you want from the best shops in Venezuela, and share them with your guest list. Or better yet, borrow money in cash as a wedding gift!

Gestational Diabetes

This disease Diabetes is considered to be extremely dangerous if we do not care and above all proper attention as to know everything about her, as well, there are several types of Diabetes, first that nothing is mentioned after Diabetes 1, 2 Diabetes, gestational Diabetes, Prediabetes. Type 1 diabetes is called Juvenile Diabetes because this catalogued between children and young people with less than 30 years, changing Diabetes type 2 is considered for older adults, and the Gestational Diabetes is indicated for pregnant people. In the first weird symptom, or different to that notice, for example have very thirsty and hungry, urinating very followed, ormigueo in the feet or hands, see something fuzzy or with dots or stripes or x, ud rather than nobody knows is and should be recognized if same something is wrong. First recommendation is to check their blood sugar, your overweight and if ud does constant exercise. By that first blood sugar levels? So it must know that normal levels of sugar are 180 mg/dl in fasting.

Are you overweight? That means that this consuming many sugars (carbohydrates) and fat, not exercising, you should to burn those calories and fat accumulated surplus. As soon you have to write down in a notebook all foods allowed for diabetic people and take it with you when you leave to the street, do not forget to buy what noted, clear foods that you like and that they are allowed. Your doctor will recommend a list of foods allowed as would be the amaranth, food of the future, soy or soy, rice, buckwheat, wheat flours, acuzar low in calories and many more what are you’ll have to be annotated and buy them, so that you always have on hand, also already exist many shops with special diabetic food is a matter of having them and at the time of preparing any menu or dessert not battling and thus avoid cooking with others ingredients. Check your pantry and refrigerator periodically and have all the food on hand. Check with your doctor and ask that you send a test to tell whether it is or not Diabetes.

Marriage Counselors

In the moment in which it decides to accept the bond that is derived from the marriage, the spouses seek that union lasts forever, as they say in the church until death separates them, but problems that impair the relationship, in which cases may occur in the course of the life partner a good option that has to meet thisgo to marriage counselors, who help spouses to improve the situation in which are found, teaching or showing some guidelines to follow by both sides and solve the problems that are living within marriage in its activity.
BR>To go to marriage counselors, much of the work that they undertake, will be heard the various problems present in the life of the couple, which stands more than all the lack of communication and life together as a couple, that is a departure from what supposed marital union, so marriage counselors largely directed their work to assist couples to return to unify their lives by means of the communication, be that restarts the couple communication to lost with the passage of time, and some components that make life something monotonous or because since long before the marriage relationship was not forged good communication and therefore the marriage counselors intervention is necessary to start a good conversation. So of components that it suggests the activity of marriage counselors, the primary function of these will be hear situations that are deteriorating marriage, which is due in large measure to that which comes before the Counselor feels that his partner has not heard it, so needs someone with whom relieve is to seek a solution. After marriage counselors have heard the couple, must clarify exactly the problems that living the couple, i.e. define exactly which is the causative element of discord within the marriage and so that it can be dealing directly and not go by a wrong way to address such a situation.
BR>Another aspect which must involve marriage counselors, is do understand the role and the performance that’s must have spouses in the relationship since on many occasions, he blurs or lost the role to maintain the spouses within marriage, so marriage counselors can be reached the conclusion that one of the problems is that you perhaps have an expectation of performance and but is is giving another thing. After giving attention to all the previous components, marriage counselors should encourage a change of attitude to find the solution and the improvement of the relationship, so marriage counselors should help generate a motivation for couples and so take forward his marriage, with what is being sought first change the way of thinking, acting and see the relationship.


Not only are apparently still in the direction of our ancestors, but now we have pledged, mortgaged ourselves to follow this path, regardless of the wisdom or the increase of evidence that indicates that we have perhaps made a mistake! Let’s take another example, weapons of destruction. Now, fear has been with us since the moment that fell from the trees and started walking on two legs, and fear has been a powerful motivating force for humanity. It could be said that technological advancement was first the discovery that the bones, a bone would increase the chances of survival, a weapon would be useful we realized.That was the beginning of a path that has led us to such powerful weapons and with enormous destructive force that we now have the ability to destroy virtually all life on Earth in fact, a lot of progress, no? There are some indications that we are starting to learn tolerance and that we could perhaps is not correct, but these advances have been very late in coming and the intolerance remains much. One further example of our fear are not conflicts of religious faith?
BR>For example, if you are a Christian and believes or feels in his heart that Jesucristo was the only Messenger of the then great God, I am very happy for you, but if you will only feel safe if everyone agrees with you, then I must assume that you are very sure of their own faith. Conversely the same is true for all religions on this planet. Because, and because of our technological advances increasingly are now quickly running to the ever-increasing speed towards .. For what? Peace on Earth? A brotherhood of man in the world? The understanding of the incredible delicacy and the interconnection of our planet and all forms of life that we share with?Unfortunately the answer to the above is that not and that, in fact, a species more like a monster without driver and very dangerous at full speed as the road completely out of control.