Beyond these illnesses that encircle our society since the passed centuries, other partner-ambient and individual factors as conditioning for the life exist of people or children. For a healthful life of the adolescents they can carry through a good pertaining to school feeding, I contend nutrient adequate for the growth and corporal maturation, as well as the sexual one, affirmed for the manual technician of promotion of the health and prevention of risks and illnesses in the suplemental health (BRAZIL, 2010, P. 41). Follow others, such as Anna Wintour, and add to your knowledge base. Among others factors we have the tobaccoism as dependence for adult young thousands of that at risk put its proper lives and possibly of other people, thus having difficulty to carry through solutions for its problems, to resist the temptation to smoke (BRAZIL, 2010, P. 51-52). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Tom Florio.

To have good conditions of health she is necessary that the pertaining to school community, not only changes the conditions of life, but also its form of living objectifying excellent welfare lives deeply social and of its body. The world-wide organization of the health, affirms that the tobacco is the main cause of cancer in the world. (BRAZIL, 2011). Since the people must look the good ones proper conditions of life for itself, on the other hand, the state makes use of favorable politics to attend these people, affirmed for the health department. function of the ministry to make use conditions for protection and recovery of the health of the population, being reduced the diseases, controlling the endemic and parasitic illnesses and improving the monitoring the health, giving, thus more quality of life to the Brazilian (BRAZIL, 2011). It is interesting to remember, that schools and communities must be taken care of by these politics of assistncias the health as well as for its recovery and orientation for the prevention. Another factor in the condition of the routine of young, that affects the pertaining to school income and thus also taking the desistance of the pertaining to school frequency it is the precocious pregnancy (GOMES, 2011).

Astronomers Are Monitoring The Unusual Blazars With The Assistance Of

The picture that emerges on the basis of the very first simultaneous observations using optical and X-ray and gamma of the new generation – telescopes, was much tougher than expected scientists, and calls into question the validity of current theories on the manner in which blazars generate radiation that they emit. The galaxy, known as PKS 2155-304, emit in opposite of jets of particles that travel at speeds close to the speed of light, when matter falls into supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy, but this process is still poorly understood. In the case of blazar galaxy is oriented in such a way that we look directly at the jet. Galaxy PKS 2155-304 is from the Earth at a distance of 1.5 billion light-years away in the southern constellation of Southern Fish (Piscis Austrinus) and is usually detectable but very weak source of gamma – radiation. But when its jets erupt in the form of strong emission, as it was in 2006, the galaxy may become the brightest source in the sky with a maximum energy gamma radiation, which can observe scientists – nearly 50 trillion times greater than the amount of energy in the visible spectrum. However, only one gamma ray energy of powerful sources of monthly 'breaks' in the ozone layer of the Earth's atmosphere in a hole the size of one square yard. The absorption of the atmosphere of one of these gamma-ray produces a short-lived 'shower' of elementary particles. When these fast particles are carried through the atmosphere, there are weak flash of blue light.

Health Methodology

Filling the empty places the stories of their lives, their findings and their discoveries. Maybe it's for the better? Always nice to find and discover anything myself. So many of the mysterious and unknown. Create, invent, try. Well, actually, done. During the ten years of practice have some thoughts on the matter, something was settled that a systematized. The result of this systematic methodology was defined.

No need to be afraid of the word – a methodology. This is not an algorithm or instructions on how and what to do. This is not a dry scientific theory, divorced from life. Methodology – a set of the system of methods, allowing us to obtain a definite and logical result. What can done with a pile of bricks piled up? Not much. However, knowing the principles of building and being able to lay bricks, we can build a house. Which one? You decide for yourself.

This huge advantage and the advantage of stalking from many other systems of self-development. Stalking does not restrict freedom of expression and creativity and does not prescribe how and what to do. There are no rules and dogma of conduct, which the practitioner is obliged to follow. The adoption of any principle as a guide to action – is, above all, a sober, independent and informed choice practices. Way of the Warrior, which is based on stalking – it is rather a set of internal principles and guidelines, which person either agrees or not. Only the inner acceptance and empathy for this or that principle the warrior's way makes it possible to use it in their self-development. It should be noted that the way of the warrior – this is a very holistic and organic system, each of which is designed to strengthen and balance the individual practitioner. Methods of stalking are based on natural laws and principles of public self-development rights. This is primarily all, the experience described by Castaneda and Toltec warrior system of philosophy, it is my own discoveries and findings, it is also the experience and findings of other practitioners and is a definite layer of psychological knowledge. Stalking – art and science of consciousness. This creative self-discovery and sober judgments. This is a very personal practice, which still allows for a systematization and analysis. We can say that this site is devoted to the theory and practice of stalking. The fact that the practice – 'is everything', because to 'offset are only steps', probably no one will be unobjectionable, while also reasonable to understand that relies on this practice, which stands for these or other exercises, guidelines, principles, and set the path of the warrior. As one talented German physicist Robert Kirchhoff: "There is nothing more practical than a good theory ', and Comrade Lenin, to paraphrase comrade Engels:" Our theory is not dogma, but a guide to action. " I can only accede to the According to these far-intelligent people.

Agricultural Sociology

The displacement showed in them, and already it has studies on the phenomenon, that the agricultural one can subsistir culturally for long time is of the agricultural economy. (Souza Martins, P.02). In analysis on lack of public politics for the field and the problems that influence in the abandonment of the properties, causing the agricultural exodus and consequentemente in the population increase in the city; it can be perceived that such problematic boarded ones here, are of historical characteristics. Agricultural Sociology, sociology this that the agriculturists try to explain truily, is not no privilege for the citizen who lives field. The research and survey on the way of life of the people who inhabit in the field disclose distress them and a great loss of heart for many agriculturists; the explanation of this everything, if summarizes in a phrase ' ' to search benefits and quality of life in the city, because in the field not existe' '. In the period where agriculture in the region of the Transamaznica in the city starts of Medicilndia, appears some problems in the agricultural communities; they lack roads, schools, esportivos ranks of health, environments, among others. The population grew sufficiently and proportionally the problems also; at this moment a small revolution led for small communitarian leaders starts. The objective age to fight for the agricultural population, then the claims had never stopped and until today it continues. These small social movements of base had been growing slowly and to the few they had been if constituting in associations and cooperatives, partners of the STTR had later become (Agricultural Union of the Trabalhadores/as) the condition of citizen in a new way to make politics of the new social movements have its bigger emblem in ' ' affirmation positiva' ' of its centered transparent activities in ' ' action coletiva.' ' The visibility of the actions is present in different spaces: in small decentralized groups that choose the proper way of participation in the public spaces collective; in global spaces, in the media, and, therefore, being part of our experiences of day-by-day.

The Family

The impact of the cultural changes on the family, modifying its characteristics (FREITAS, 1999), had implied in delegation, for school, of the basic and moral social formation of the future citizens. The school, as reply, pressured for this new demand, it finished overloading the professor with attributions, the principle, not pertinent to its paper and for which it was not prepared. Amongst the papers that the professor finishes having that to play, in function of the difficulties who the pupils present, they are: mother or father, psychologist (), nurse (), nutritionist. In such a way, its original function, that is to teach, tends to dissolve in these some papers. On the other hand, the financial remuneration of the professor, who could estresse brighten up it caused for the excess of attributions, does not correspond to the responsibility that is attributed to it.

Thus, the wage, for great majority, is low – as low it has been social recognition of its work. The 0 variable that determine the quality of the educative work (method, formation of the professor, type of management of the school) are important, however, given the adverse conditions, the performance of the professor acquires a singular relevance. It is who is in ' ' line of frente' ' with the pupil. Of it the specific knowledge and fraquejo are charged didactic, indispensable for the transmission and construction of knowledge and, consequentemente, intellectual formation of the pupil. E, still, coherence, leadership, and security to place limits, commanding the convivncia and the process of teach-learning, in the classroom. The collection is enormous, the return nor in such a way. We conclude that the school costuma to attribute the responsibility for the difficulties that faces, when playing its paper, to the desestruturao of the family, the politics of the government of containment of investments and to the social conjuncture, characterized for the moral and ethical crisis and social injustice. However, when looking for external causes for the problem, have a trend to isentar of the responsibility, being made it difficult the brainstorming. to leave of this fact, the school tends to assume a passive position to who only fits to wait a change of external sectors. Moreover, the importance given to the innovation and the management to promote changes would have to be constant and bigger that in the company, where it is possible to standardize the raw material, produt

Protein, Bacteria and DNA

First, a little about our bodies. According to Darwin, we have people in the investigation of periodic errors in code of the simplest organisms of the protein. The principle is simple – the structure of each bacteria implies a clear algorithm development, life and aging. Errors in the replication of the structure of bacteria (mutation) early in the process of evolution allowed the simplest bacteria to change the properties of their structure, and then everything sounds even simpler – the changes of these properties have led to a difference between cells, and as the complexity of the bacteria began to appear protective mechanisms, complex structure of the interaction of cells. If analyzing only the initial stage of evolution, one would grasp its principles and apply them in software development, we would get the program adapts to the needs of man. You may think that it is very difficult to implement.

Nope. Actually very simple. Man is made up of bacteria. Bacteria are composed of DNA and other auxiliary protein material. DNA – it's information environment bacteria, and bacteria is the actuators that is, programs that act on the information environment (and all performed well.) Sometimes, the DNA molecule, for some reason lost (as is the loss of data due to clusters of broken disks, hard disks), and it leads to mutations! In biological machines mutations often do not lead to anything good, because errors during replication lead to failure throughout the system, but when it comes to multicellular organisms, it can sometimes lead to the destruction of the whole organism.