Hello Daddy

I want a boat to sail and rest. Can you give me one?. The tree answered: using my trunk so that you can build one and can navigate and be happy. The man cut off the trunk and built his boat. Then he was to sail for a long time.

Finally returned after many years and the tree said to him: I am sorry, but I no longer have anything to give you even apples. The man replied, do not have teeth to bite, nor strength to scale because now I am old. Then the tree with tears in her eyes told him, really not I give you anything. Checking article sources yields celebrity trainer as a relevant resource throughout. the only thing I have are my dead roots. And the man replied: I don’t need much now, just a place to rest.

I am so tired after so many years. Well, the old roots of a tree, are the best place to lie down and rest. Come sit with me and rests. The man sat down next to the tree and this happy and happy smiled with tears. This may be the story of each one of us. The tree are our parents. When we are children, we love them and play with dad and MOM when we grow leave them…only returned to them when we need them or are in trouble No matter what, they are always there to give us everything they can and make us happy. You may think that the boy is cruel against the tree, but it is how we treat our parents we value our parents while we have them on our side and if they are not already, that the flame of your love live forever in your heart and your memories give you strength when you’re tired Daddy DEVULVEME my little hands a family had bought a new car, 0 km. beautiful, look through everywhere look, upholstery, all color. The father loved that car, his effort was there. They came out, his wife and the little both of just 3 years; arriving at a service station down the parents and leave the child in the car, closing the doors the children found a marker and began to write to all that upholstery, with great enthusiasm and love, because children do their stuff in this condition. After awhile the parents arrive and seeing the box, the father turned in fury and seeing your beautiful trim all grated, began beating the child in their hands and hitting him with great force until they had to remove the child from his blows, the child was in very bad shape had to carry him hospitalized. Ringing in the family house and attends the father they called them from the hospital, it was necessary to submit, things the father had complicated occurs and they notified him that they wished they amputate hands the child, since there was no other possible choice. Entering the parent room wrapped in tears says the child smiling Hello Daddy already learned the lesson not I do more papi but please return me my handyman!.!! The father came out of that room and committed suicide. By that give so much importance to material things to the degree of hurt our loved ones? Original author and source of the article.

Skin Whitening

Skin bleaching is located between the dermatological and cosmetic procedures. This is probably the reason why will find treatments to whiten the skin both in the clinic of dermatologist and cosmetic clinics. Depending on the type of hyperpigmentation that you want to treat, it is recommended one or the other. For example, if you only need to treat some brownish spots, an aesthetics or spa room can give very good results, but if hyperpigmentation is accented, it is possible that you want to a medical professional to deal with this procedure to monitor it while lasts the process. There are many treatments that can be performed by professionals in order to remove skin stains and whiten the skin affected by hyperpigmentation. One of the most common treatments is that supposed ischemic peeling of the top layer of the skin affected by hyperpigmentation. To do so, will have to previously go to the dermatologist’s Office and ask him what kind of chemical is It will better adapt to your skin. The AHA, BHA and rxr are just some of the most commonly used substances that may exfoliate the skin.

Once you choose the substance that is to be used, should cleanse skin thoroughly, so there is no impurity in the surface. Then, the substance in the area is placed to be treated and left there for about 10-30 minutes, depending on the concentration of the substance, as well as your skin type and the seriousness of the issue to be treated. Then removed the substance gently, again cleanses the skin very carefully so that no substance remains in it and apply a moisturizer to soften and prevent dryness. In a couple of days skin becomes scaly and begins to peel off. Do not touch since it is possible to leave a scar on the skin.

You also need to keep away from the Sun and use sunscreen if you must exit. The dermatologist will give you specific instructions according to the type of skin and the substance that has been used for the treatment. Other professional treatments include treatments with laser, Microdermabrasion or bleaching treatments. Cindy Crawford follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The bleaching treatments are very similar to those presented above, with the exception that the skin is not removed, but that over time it begins to fade. Laser treatment includes the stage of cleaning, the current phase in which is placed a gel on the skin and is applied in the light of the laser on it. Then, remove the gel and some indications are given to the patient. This treatment usually involves more than one session, but this is something that should be discussed with the dermatologist. Professional treatments are quite safe if they are carried out by specialists. However, they have a fairly high price, and not everyone can afford them. Resource box: If you want an economic whitening treatment, but equally effective homemade recipes you can try. They are extremely good in the treatment of all kinds of brown spots and get rid of hyperpigmentation in a matter of weeks, without any side effects or without spending one fortune on expensive products. Will want read more here, about these products for whitening the skin and not never more to try anything else!