The importance of these acts resides in its frequency, and in which the majority is related to basic aspects, like the survival or the care of the health. When we are conscious of the intention that are behind they, we obtained excellent benefits; among others: 1. – The results are normally better. 2. – We are more conscious of possible potential dangers or boicots to which we do.

3. – It is easier to avoid the sadness or the boredom that sometimes produces the routine to us. 4. – It gives an opportunity Us to reconsider our intention in more excellent aspects. Evidently, if we were able to improve what we do every day, our life will improve. For that reason the intentionality is so important. We are going to put a small example practical: I am preparing the weekly menu for house. If I know clearly when beginning that my intention is that the meals more are balanced and healthy, surely plates will be happened to me that reunite those characteristics.

I am doing if it with haste simply because that he is more comfortable to have the thought menu beforehand, and is only a task more, it is possible that the first options that is happened to me are not most healthful, but those that I like more or easiest to prepare. Of the quality of the intention that we put in which we do depends the quality on the result. We also see another habitual example (unless some of my readers has made vote of abstention), but pleasanter: our intention when we make the love. Behind the reasons obvious to have an intimate encounter with our pair, while we prepared ourselves, we can define an intention clearly; for example, that is in addition a union concerning soul, and a synchronization energetics. The then encounter becomes an instrument to reinforce the union of the pair, and so it becomes more important and rather more interesting.


For this you need to have much CONFIDENCE and FAITH and is what my it exceeds to me. Following step: LOVE, PASSION and the GOOD HUMOR in which I undertake, I have the very good humor, the laughter oxygenates the brain, the laughter it even cures, it gives value heals the laughter therefore it motivates because it provides energy to make the things. Following step I risk, the creation and the invention is motivation sources. And wide-awake dream and I project to me towards the future. In order to motivate to me as I do nowadays it I had to know itself very well and to know which were my strongpoints and my weak points, this was very important since I could develop a realistic and controlled motivation.

Often the failure of some projects had to the lack of objectives with respect to my same one. Following step: PERSEVERANCIA if it had not shown to me perseverante, never had arrived at my objectives. Finally GRATEFULNESS, I am thankful for day to day before sleeping and raising me by my health, my children, my family, by the things that I have and those that I am in favor of lograr.” In synthesis, between the many existing forms to automotivar itself: To maintain the mind always occupied. To see the good side of the things. To be been thankful by everything what we have and that perhaps others have not even it. To have people support who us in that we pruned to always trust and they serve to us as inspiration. To know clearly goals in writing and. To visualize our dreams continuously as if they were already made reality.

To love what we do of such form that what we do turns into something funny and exciting. To help others to obtain its dreams. To participate in social causes where we feel valuable. To write what feels as a simple and effective form of relief. To talk with that simply it can listen and encourage to us. To be optimistic, to maintain and to look for the good humor the things. To have faith of which what we want sooner or later we go it to make obtain, it happens what happens is as it is. To be ambitious in the good sense, not to be conformista nor to accept the mediocrity. To be wanted, to know themselves, to occur good whims, to allow themselves to one same one that it is the one who better know us and it spends day and night with us. The adversities that not always have their better face, but are not more than opportunities of gold to excel of where we are and to push to us forwards. The power of automotivarte is in your hands, and the reasons reside in your heart, you do not have them to look for outside, you always take with you the USA to them these simple strategies and every day you will behave like a renewed person who does not fear to him to the challenges.