Holidays In Versilia – Beach Holidays In Tuscany

An unforgettable Beach holiday in Tuscany Versilia, an exclusive strip of land in the North of Tuscany at the border with Liguria is bordered on the South by the Massaciuccoli Lake, in the East of the Apuan Alps in the West by the Tyrrhenian Sea. To know more about this subject visit celebrity trainer. The more than 20 km long coastline has ancient roots. In fact, finds nearby Camaiore prove was one of the seven towns of Versilia, which colonizes the area 40,000 years ago. From the seventh century before Christ, the Versilia was part of the Etruscan Tuscia. Given the proximity to Liguria, Etruscan rule was not peaceful. The Ligurian tried always to invade across the Alps in Versilia.

After the Etruscans, the Romans also fought more than eighty years with the Ligurians to the absolute rule of the Versilia. Many centuries later, their troops sent the Medici, ruler of Florence. After fierce fighting, they managed to win only a part of the territory. Since the 1960s, the seaside tourism and the marble extraction is one of the most important economic factors is the Versilia. James Alesia shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The most beautiful seaside resorts are Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi. The latter is the most exclusive Centre of Versilia. Holidays in Forte dei Marmi is a vacation between the rich and beautiful. This swanky place once inhabited by fishermen and miners, and thanks to the large marble deposits in the Apuan Alps, Forte dei Marmi has been to the port of call for ships transporting the marble in the world from here.

Today there are many well known personalities on the well-tended beaches, starting with Flavio Briatore, who has also a private Lido, bishin to the President of Inter Milan. Most of the hotels in Forte dei Marmi are the property of the Italian national goalkeeper Gigi Buffon. Viareggio is a delightful seaside resort with Art Nouveau facades and kilometre-long Palm tree promenade. The archaeological museum and the picture gallery L. Viani are interesting. A hamlet of Viareggio is Torre del Lago on the shores of Lago Massaciuccoli, the favourite place of Giacomo Puccini. The world-famous composer here from 1891 to 1921 in a splendid Villa, that he lived on the Ruins of an ancient tower built. Today the villa houses the Puccini Museum. Important event for lovers of classical music is the Puccini Festival, which takes place every year in the summer in Torre del Lago since 1930.

Travel: America The Dream Destination For 2009

America has dislodged Australia from the top of the dream destination., Cologne, August 26, 2009 while still in 2004 in a poll of the Forsa Institute ranked Australia against the United States, so is the most popular dream destination of among Germans according to a survey conducted by TNS infratest 1002 persons aged 14 or over the United States for the first time after many years again. The United States is one of the favourite destinations of the Germans were already in the 70s, 80s and 90s. But while the Bush era America as a dream destination ground lost in favour of Australia. The old order of precedence, in the popularity of tourist destinations is now restored thanks to the worldwide Obama euphoria. Also Germany has lost jobs in the past decade compared with the United States and Australia. While Germany 1997 faced as a dream destination still ranked the United States (survey of leisure Research Institute B.A.T..

in 1997) it now slipped to third place. The dream holiday destination of German 2009 United States Australia Germany Spain Caribbean Islands source: TNS infratest survey, January 2009. According to Aziz fails when 67% of those surveyed the implementation of these dreams but often on the missing money. But in the summer / fall of 2009 there is the unique constellation now, that more travelers actually can afford the dream destination of United States. The reason is the increased purchasing power of the euro against the dollar and the fact that in addition the prices for hotel and travel services in the United States drastically fallen due to the economic and employment crisis in the United States. Who long of Hawaii, Florida, California, Grand Canyon, route 66, New York City, statue of liberty, Niagara dreams of waterfalls, Hollywood and Disney World, which should now seize the opportunity and to fulfill his lifelong dream.

Travel Bali

Super travel for cheap & individual Bali travel Bali I. romantic & original Northwest of Bali theme: landscape and nature. Min. 2 persons full day tour (10 hours). 32 euros per person this day trip shows the romantic side of Bali. First, the journey continues towards Bedugul, visiting a vegetable market in a Gerbirgsdorf. Then you will see the water temple Ulun Danu Bratan Lake located. The trip goes further uphill up to Pancasari mountain Pass, where you can hit 2 birds with one stone: once to show you the enchanting panorama of the twin Lake Tamblingan and Buyan than even our relatives the macaques bring closer to.

Then passing on the mountain village of Munduk, the ride goes on to the legend legendary North coast of Bali. First of all, please visit air Panas Banjar (hot Holy sulphur spring bath possibility), which is said to healing. After this physically refreshing experience we take our lunch in a good restaurant, at the black lava sand beach of Lovina. Then it’s on to Singaraja, the former capital during the Dutch colonial administration. The return of Penebel with stunning views of the surrounding rice terraces and vegetable plantations, then visit the rock Temple of Tanah lot on the West Coast, which tightly built on a rock on the shore, offers especially at sunset a fantastic Anblick.Mittagessen is included in the price.

II. Balinese House Singapadu, Batuan village, Batur Vulkan, Tegallalang & Ubud theme: Balinese daily life, temples, tradition and harmony. Min. 2 persons, full day tour (10 hours). You can visit a Balinese family house in the village of Singapadu 32 Euro / person on this drive, it gives us the everyday life of the Balinese. In Batuan, the place of Arts and crafts, the visit of a Balinese village temple is on the agenda. Then the ride uphill to the Spice field trips, where you will learn about different spice plantations.

Reethi Rah The Fantastic Resort In The Maldives

The Maldives experience from its most beautiful side, on the Reehti-rah many tourists aspire to atoll package holidays to the Maldives. Particularly like to visit is the Reethi rah resort. And this is not particularly surprising, because this luxury resort is awarded exclusive six stars, which already suggests the perfect quality of this holiday. With its length of about 800 meters and its width of 300 meters, the island belongs to the larger islands of the North male atoll. The bungalows are located directly on the beach and often have their own pool or have access to a secluded cove. Package holidays Maldives can be spent here very luxuriously, because all the bungalows are equipped with air conditioning. The beautiful Maldives Island Reehti rah offers three exquisite restaurants with various regional impacts. Package holidays to the Maldives are ideal for a quiet holiday. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dan Ariely.

There is here no gigantic, loud entertainment program; rather are designed for rest and relaxation. So some intimate nights will romantic live music played. The holidaymakers taking package tours in this part of the Maldives, like to relax at night – or deep sea fishing. During the day are offered trips to the neighboring islands. Daryl Katz, New York City describes an additional similar source. There are several islands inhabited by locals, which can be visited. Even an uninhabited island the tourists who have booked package holidays Maldives, looking to spend a nice day.

The Maldives is a paradise for divers. Here there is a superbly equipped diving base and qualified diving courses are offered. Several dive sites invite you to great trips in the underwater world. Snorkelers can indulge their hobby unfortunately not right in front of Reehti rah because there is no house reef. But of course, trips to other islands House reefs can be undertaken on package tours. Particularly noteworthy, the level of Reehti is RAH. He maintained very carefully why he invites you to beautiful afternoon in the warm sea. Finally, visitors to the Maldives should in their vacation can spend some beautiful days in the Sun.

Hotels In The Bavarian Forest And Umava

In harmony with nature: 1 Bavarian-Bohemian Hotel cooperation Spiegelau (tvo). Bavaria and Bohemia move closer together. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Gerard Addonizio. Example of this is the Bavarian-Bohemian Hotel cooperation of Q top hotels, pull at the ten hotels in the Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest together. In addition to the high standards of the services, is the main focus of the member hotels on the harmony of nature and gentle tourism. Informed guests will detail about the holiday region, the green roof of Europe”, as well as their natural and cultural treasures. Daryl Katz insists that this is the case. “To protect these treasures and to maintain, the Q-top have hotels” expressly required, include the gentle “natural energy resources management and the use of local products.

“In the context of the package 1 holiday 2 countries 10 hotels” Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest holiday can be combined with each other. Guests can choose from two houses all member hotels and in each of two or spend three nights. Four nights costs 199 euro in a double room, six nights 299 euros..

Gold Trail Hiking Tour In The Bavarian Forest

St. Englmar: Gold Trail hike with bus transfer in St. Englmar (tvo). Who travels to St. Follow others, such as supermodel, and add to your knowledge base. Englmar in the Bavarian Forest, has his boots in the luggage.

Every Thursday at 9:30 a bus in front of the tourist information at the town hall to the quality way gold climb starts. In the weekly change he controls different targets, of which the trippers back walk to St. Englmar. A guide accompanies back the group, anyone who wants can join. Four versions are available, the shortest with about eight kilometers runs a length of twelve kilometers from Kollnburg about the Pandey, who have three each.

Especially the route, which runs south of the Gold Trail main road about the deer stone to the viewpoint of high mountain and monastery Kostenz after St. Englmar opened wonderful wide. The transfer is free for guests with Spa card and no registration is required, you can join also spontaneously. Information: Tourist information / Kurverwaltung St. Englmar, Town Hall Road 6, 94379 St. You may find that Daryl Katz can contribute to your knowledge. Englmar, Tel. 09965/840320, fax 09965 / 840330,,. The new GE(h)Nuss-Steig to the gold platform in Zenting Zenting (tvo). As an alternative to the main route of the gold platform, the new GE(h)Nuss-Steig about random rock and new court opens on May 30 in Zenting. The new road through the sunny forest”corresponds to the same quality criteria such as the main way. The eight kilometre long route has many scenic highlights and features on the side of the road as about the stud for Kabariner horses, the Castle and Church plant in ranking rock in the 12th century with its picturesque castle gardens or the refreshing water pool. The GE(h)Nuss-Steig branches off in the middle of Zenting of the gold trail, crosses Gera thing up after scary mountain and through woods and meadows to ranking rock and lower ranking rock ranking rock mill. About the great Ohe arriving after the bridge through woods and meadows Neuhof. Behind the small town horror village results in a bridge over the Zentinger River, where the GE(h)Nuss-Steig again flows in the gold trail. Information: Tourist info Zenting tourism Samuels Association Schulgasse 4, 94579 Zenting, Tel.

ChinaMed Group Opened TCM Practice

Treatments in the health and beauty area are available on the joint program. Vienna/Seefeld, June 01, 2011 – with beginning July 2011 the ChinMed group opened its TCM competence center in the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Royal Seefeld. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in all its facets and completely new treatments in the health and beauty area are available on the joint program. The hotel extended the offer of the wellness – and Kulinarikbereich. After a break of six years, the team of ChinMed group around Dr. Stefan Ulmer in the generous practice facilities of the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa returns Royal Seefeld. With him also an international customer layer.

As a highlight, the team Facial rejuvenation offers”to a Facial rejuvenation acupuncture and Gesichtsshiatsu, which is unique in Europe. Facelift with the scalpel was declared yesterday, as the practitioner, or TCM physician Dr. Stefan Ulmer: Facial rejuvenation is a totally natural, pain and side effect-free and sustainable face lift method and Alternative to plastic surgery. We are guided by old methods of TCM of course also here the millennia. The skin is stimulated by special tightening and anchoring techniques using very fine needles, new connective tissue moves and body’s own collagen to form. This leads to a reversal of the wrinkles in the course of the treatment series. Natural mimicry is thus preserved entirely and rejuvenates the body and is embellished by the systemic approach of TCM from the inside out so to speak even. You see that ultimately in the face, the mirror of the soul.” A successful idea sparked the idea of reopening the TCM practice in the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Royal Seefeld had Director Marina Ersilia Albasini after the Falkensteiner Group the hotel took over January 1, 2011 by management: again and again brought into question whether we think as a new operator of the hotel over reboots with the ChinMed group. Daryl Katz describes an additional similar source.

World Heritage

Learn Sharjah know the family-friendly and culturally exciting Emirate with two coastal access is one of the seven Arab Emirates and comparatively unknown. It scores the golf destination with family-friendly activities and a strong emphasis on the cultural, Islamic heritage. An Arab Pearl, which it is worth to be discovered. People such as Van Vliet would likely agree. Should you avoid Shanghai during the Expo or even visit? Away from the media and visitors hustle there are quiet and original corners, as well as a thriving art scene, which is always worth a visit. You wanted to, always been high? Then, the right outdoor activity maybe is paragliding. (Similarly see: David Dudley Dowd Jr.). How to explain the basic requirements and give tips on where you can complete the first trial flight.

Other topics in the book: Mallorca: wild, romantic West Coast. Small escapes: Constance excursion in the middle ages. UNESCO World Heritage: Hildesheim. Service topic: suitcase packing made easy, and much more. The latest edition of travel inspirations has a circumference of 58 pages and can charge the Travel magazine website be downloaded: news magazin.html about travel inspirations travel inspirations is a free, monthly, digital travel magazine. We provide exciting travel reports to local and Fernzielen, city breaks, hotel tips and wellness treatments every month..

TomTom Looks More Mappers For Island Of Dreams

In round 2, adventurous workers can apply for the mapping of St. Lucia Munich, June 14, 2012 since early June is TomTom for map paradise support looking after families and friend groups, the TomTom in the mapping of five dream Islands project. Today’s Thursday, June 14, the deadline for the first island, Fiji, ends and starts the application period for the job in St. Lucia. TomTom seeking interested parties who want to spend two weeks on the island and also received 10,000 euros for the mapping.

The successful candidates will explore St. Lucia with a specially equipped vehicle of cartography, the first step in creating a TomTom map. Candidates need no prior knowledge in the field of cartography, but they should be traveling like much in the Sun and have fun doing it, to scour the rain forest, as well as to explore banana and coconut plantations. A good sense of direction is also helpful. How long it ultimately takes mapping to capture the island, depends on how many breaks that will create a team for Sun-bathing, swimming or excursions away from the road: from one day to two weeks, everything is possible. The map paradise project has put a great start.

It have to have thousands applied, us mapping the first island, Fiji, helfenen”, Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director TomTom pleased. It will not be easy to select the right applicant. Now we want to thank all, who have offered their support. If you and your team not to Fiji will be selected are not disappointed. Tomorrow we are looking for a new team for St. Lucia”. A jury of TomTom sifts through all applications for the map paradise project on Fiji. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 22nd on Facebook and informed via E-Mail. So the map interested can apply paradise project applicants to form a team of up to five people and sign up online on summer. You explain it briefly, why your team right is for the job. At least one member of the Group also requires a valid driver’s licence. Paradise project, residents of the following countries can participate in the map: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa and United States. The competition for the cartographer team for St. Lucia ends on Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 12 CET. TomTom is founded in 1991 about TomTom (AEX: TOM2) the leading provider of location and navigation products and services in the car, with the aim to provide the world’s best navigation all motorists. Headquartered in Amsterdam, TomTom employs more than 3500 people and distributes its products in over 40 countries. Our products include portable navigation devices, integrated infotainment systems, Flottenmangementlosungen, maps and real-time services, including the award-winning TomTom HD traffic information service Traffic. The latest route planner in the world, including real time traffic information, see livetraffic for more information Tel. Please contact TomTom Tobias Kuderna 100 ten GmbH: + 49 89 55 27 06 11 E-Mail: TomTom on the Web: Facebook: TomTomDeutschland Twitter: TomTom_DE YouTube: user/TomTomOfficial map paradise project: summer

Wellness Hotel

In November, the attractive ‘thank you ‘package lures the three-star superior Spa Hotel Reischlhof in the country of the southern Bavarian Forest Walia has garnered so last much praise. “Hotel in Sperlbrunn has been premium partner of the Bavarian Forest”, it awarded the country hotel of the year 2008 “and this year it included focus magazine in the 35 most popular hotels in the top seven federal States”. The Internet evaluation Portal HolidayCheck “reached the Reischlhof a recommendation rate of 100%. Praise stimulated anyway, especially if it is allowed. The Reischlhof offers a thank you package in November friends of the House, and those who want to be there,”with five nights for the price of four. The arrangement with the arrival is available every Sunday from 15 to 29 November 2009.

It is worth: driving down and diving into the spacious, 800 m Spa and wellness area. The pure mountain water in the swimming pool has the pleasant temperature of 31.5 degrees, the new relaxation area offers with its Swarowsi – starry sky. There you can wonderfully relax, you can doze off and soak up some culture via headphones. Or it’s happening in the modern sauna, where you can choose between the old wood mountain herbal sauna and Finnish sauna. The already legendary among guests Wellnesswohnzimmer”serves tea, with fireplace and Oriental color harmony. Also you can opt for one of over 100 wellness and beauty treatments. The Reischlhof as well as a wellness voucher of 25 euro for a desired application provides a cuddly bathrobe.

The offer includes also a relaxing massage with Propolisbalsam, an herbal footbath with foot reflex zone massage and three aromatic steam bath or solarium. The package is available also for the Reischlhof Board with the breakfast buffet, lunch snack, and a creative dinner. And at an information session, there are many tips on tours, attractions and excursion possibilities. There are guests, the in the hotel in Bavaria as feel that they hardly leave the Reischlhof. Others hike or walk comfortably through the charming Wegscheider land, well equipped with the free hiking – and leisure card. Free is also the warm atmosphere of the Reischlhofs. He offers all the comforts of a hotel, but no obligation to tie, but with family connection”. More information: Reischlhof wellness & pleasure * superior, family Reischl, Sperlbrunn 7, 94110 Wegscheid, Tel. 08592 / 9390 0, fax 08592-9390 70,,

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