Gestational Diabetes

This disease Diabetes is considered to be extremely dangerous if we do not care and above all proper attention as to know everything about her, as well, there are several types of Diabetes, first that nothing is mentioned after Diabetes 1, 2 Diabetes, gestational Diabetes, Prediabetes. Type 1 diabetes is called Juvenile Diabetes because this catalogued between children and young people with less than 30 years, changing Diabetes type 2 is considered for older adults, and the Gestational Diabetes is indicated for pregnant people. In the first weird symptom, or different to that notice, for example have very thirsty and hungry, urinating very followed, ormigueo in the feet or hands, see something fuzzy or with dots or stripes or x, ud rather than nobody knows is and should be recognized if same something is wrong. First recommendation is to check their blood sugar, your overweight and if ud does constant exercise. By that first blood sugar levels? So it must know that normal levels of sugar are 180 mg/dl in fasting.

Are you overweight? That means that this consuming many sugars (carbohydrates) and fat, not exercising, you should to burn those calories and fat accumulated surplus. As soon you have to write down in a notebook all foods allowed for diabetic people and take it with you when you leave to the street, do not forget to buy what noted, clear foods that you like and that they are allowed. Your doctor will recommend a list of foods allowed as would be the amaranth, food of the future, soy or soy, rice, buckwheat, wheat flours, acuzar low in calories and many more what are you’ll have to be annotated and buy them, so that you always have on hand, also already exist many shops with special diabetic food is a matter of having them and at the time of preparing any menu or dessert not battling and thus avoid cooking with others ingredients. Check your pantry and refrigerator periodically and have all the food on hand. Check with your doctor and ask that you send a test to tell whether it is or not Diabetes.