Healthcare Marketing

MARKETING IN HEALTH: QUALITY ATTENDANCE the attentions of a professional of the health must be concentrated in equal ratio to the customers and the collaborating employees/. Excellent collaborators, trained well work satisfied e, with this, become more productive. The marketing is of basic importance it health team auxiliary. Small attitudes in the attendance as some ' ' palavrinhas mgicas' ' they must be used for the attendance team so that the patients perceive excellency in the quality of the attendance. They are: ' ' much obrigado' ' ; ' ' me desculpe' ' ; ' ' she leaves with me that I will solve this problema' ' , among others. In excellency in the attendance of customers the words ' ' not posso' ' ; ' ' not of certo' ' ; ' ' not consigo' ' ; ' ' it binds depois' ' ; ' ' minutinho&#039 waits one; ' ; among others, they do not add value to the attendance and they cause one me in such a way the impression to the patient that it leaves to indicate the given service. To speak of a smiling form, exactly that to telephone, likeable being, showing interest in the patient are also an efficient way of if communicating. Research shows that about 93% of our communication it is not verbal, that is, the communication can occur simply with a look, a smile or by means of a gesture.

What we speak exerts little impact on the patient. The team auxiliary must have as main part of its behavior the proactive attitude. Proactive attitude is if to anticipate to the problems and to program solutions for these probable problems. The services given in the area of the health are non-separable of the people give who them. Moreover, the customers with frequency ' ' compram' ' people and them services, therefore are not basic that the professional of the health gives attention to the quality in the attendance.