The Membrane

Device that operates on this principle – “stimulant energy metabolism” – dual-chamber bath limbs invented and patented. Man is comprised of 70% water. Its fabric is a kind of “living the electrolyte. If we include the body in a special way as the electrolyte in the chain of classical galvanic cell, is released into the environment (External e-mail. Chain) of bioelectric potentials. External source of current is absent, which fundamentally distinguishes the device from various types electrostimulator. The artificially created a small leak amount of energy the body reacts to the increase in its production due to strengthening mechanisms for restoring the membrane potential and the growing activity of the “power station” of the cell – mitochondria (MCh).

If we thus take area of hand or foot, which are integral reflexogenic zones, which show all the organs and systems, the reflex is activated energy metabolism of the organism as a whole. Regularly held procedure gradually raise the overall energy level and eliminate the energy deficit. Since bath limbs eliminates energy deficit, it must have a rejuvenating effect on organism. And indeed, as a result of regular procedures observed decrease in biological age, measured by the method of the Institute of Gerontology ams of Ukraine. harmless, because no external power supply. Generated currents are at their own bioelectric potentials (currents, used in physiotherapy, a hundred times bigger). Number of released energy is very small, but the cells of all organs through reflex zones of feet as it were, get the alarm – “Attention! Is leakage of energy! “.