Armed Forces

The renewal of composition of these collegiate ones is made to each 2 (two) years, as it comes occurring since the year of 2003, through resolutions of the CONAMA, having been integrated for diverse States, integrant of the too much regions politics? South, Southeast, Center-West and Northeast, as will be demonstrated more ahead, except, for States of the Region North. But, never, until then, a State of the Amaznia integrated this so important chamber technique. 2.? DESCRIPTION the CTEA was created in 1995, in temporary character, through Resolution CONAMA n 11, of 10.10.95, having ' ' as objective to argue and to consider to the plenary assembly, norms of efetivao and incentive of the ambient education, the level of formal and informal education, form to contribute for the formation of a conscience of the sustainable development in the Pas' ' (sic). It established that resolution that then the temporary CT would have observers that they would participate of the meetings with right the voice, and that the House of representatives and Federal Senate would be indicated by. She was composed for Council members of the CONAMA, representatives of the following institutions: Ministry of Agriculture, the Supplying and the Agrarian Reformation; Ministry of the Education and Sport; Health department; General staff of the Armed Forces; IBAMA; Government of the State of the Bahia; Government of the Federal District; Government of the State of the Espirito Santo; Government of the State of Gois; Government of the State of the Paraba; Government of the State of Pernambuco; Government of the State of Santa Catarina; Government of the State of Sergipe; Representative Civil entity of the Northeast Region; National association of Cities and Environment. Interesting to attempt against that the cited CT was constituted of representatives of almost all the regions of Brazil? Northeast (BA, PB, FOOT, IF), Center-West (GO, DF), Southeast (YOU ARE), South (SC), except of the Region North.


I broke down and shouted at him: 'This is because now your metabolism is virtually zero, so you have all of the hands and falls, night your neck! " Of course, I understand that for many morning – the only time they can dedicate to training, however, highly recommend to try to come to the hall after at least three full meals. Did you go on a long trip by car with an empty gas tank? Of course not, if you do not want to push the car to the nearest gas station. Why do you go for a heavy workout on an empty stomach? 5. Eat only healthy foods main diet should consist of hardgainer dense food with high content beneficial nutrients. Avoid "empty" foods, which contain valuable nutrients in small amounts or absent. Ever notice how, after receiving a 500-calorie meal consisting of fat and sugar, you get some soft and slow? Prefer high-calorie meal of complex carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Here are the best products: Carbohydrates – Oatmeal, rice, bread, beans, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Proteins – Steak, chicken, lean beef, cottage cheese, whole milk, eggs, salmon.

Fats – olive peanut and flaxseed oil, avocados and nuts. Extras (high calorie and "deceptive" food) – ice cream, raisins and dried fruit. 6. During a workout or drink a carbohydrate-protein mixture of high-calorie beverage Prepare for your workout. Combine carbohydrate and protein powder in a ratio of 2:1 in one liter of water, and you get a few extra hundred calories a day. Now you have extra food before, after and during exercise, with which it is easy to gain extra pounds in a week. But using this method, only if you train really hard and high intensity.

7. Your motto: "Always!" From that moment on your life principle "There is always". I hear you grumble, "If I spend days just is, I do not have enough time to rest. " Do not be taken too literally this advice. No need to chew something every minute. However, the constant flow of nutrients into the body – an essential part of the process increasing weight. Do not worry, gradually you get used to this regime and your body, with an increase in weight, will require more food. Just type in his head the idea that if you do not eat, so do not grow, and if not growing, then stay at their 45 kg. Do you really need? 8. Conclusion So, as I have said, to know how to increase weight – is simple enough. But the performance of the practice – that's another story. And how you can perform all regulations, depends on how you get the body in the end. Over the next four weeks you can increase by at least 10 pounds by following these recommendations. And if you really took a firm decision get rid of his skinny past, I believe that you have to accept this challenge and begin to do things right this minute, do not delay it in the closet!

Harm And Benefits Of Mineral Waters

Curative mineral water can not drink on the principle "more is better." Essentuki number 4 and number 17 respectively 9 and contain 13 grams (per liter) of minerals and chemical elements. And if you drink this water more than the recommended physician, can cause considerable harm to the body. Chemical elements and free carbon dioxide contained in all the healing mineral waters with excessive entry into the body can disrupt the secretory and motor function of the stomach, and choleresis zhelchevydele-tion, the acid-alkaline balance in the body, mineral salts irritate the kidneys, bladder, sodium salts are particularly harmful for those suffering from chronic nephritis, hypertension, heart disease, accompanied by edema. It is very dangerous to give a curative mineral water to drink to children unless they suffer from diseases for which this water is shown. Self-mineral waters as unacceptable as drugs, But do not just have to see how sick while drinking at the resort itself, "appoint" themselves or that water. Is especially true for those who rents a room in the private sector and does not go to the spa clinic. Those who wash down with water Essentuki 17 Essentuki new, can assume that the time they spent at the resort without any health benefits.

Because water has a new Essentuki diuretic effect, and therefore it usually shows the suffering urological diseases. And if you drink it, for example, a patient with chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency is assigned Essentuki number 17, then it quickly released from the body of useful mineral salts contained in the water. As a result, Essentuki 17 therapeutic effect of no effect. In addition, those who drink a lot more mineral water than recommended, make the heart work with renewed stress, and people with heart disease also are produced or exacerbated swelling, and generally everyone who is treated at spa resort, we must drink water in an amount which recommended that a doctor is no more and no less! Before leaving home, check with your doctor about whether to continue treatment with mineral water, which was begun at the resort.


With Glucosamine HCl cartilage protection and inflammation possible dietary treatment of osteoarthritis with cartilage protective substances such as GlucosaminHCl and chondroitin sulfate is becoming increasingly popular with those affected. Properly applied, these natural substances to slow the progression of the disease and ease the pain in the joint. In many people with arthrosis in addition also have inflammation has become in the joints as well as the wear and tear wide, which contributes to the progression of the disease. That’s why it would be particularly important to use cartilage vaccines for those affected also anti-inflammatory effect for that. This is the case, a specific form of Glucosamine for GlucosaminHCl. In General, the treatment of diseases of rheumatic, among even the arthritis medicines from the Group of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is carried out. These can effectively inhibit pain and inflammation, but unfortunately not always very well tolerated. That’s why many sufferers are looking for effective, very well tolerated alternatives or supplements.

Glucosamine HCl is such a one, as this cartilage which is also a nature-oriented specific inhibitor of the enzyme for the inflammatory process in joints with is held responsible. Experimental research have confirmed this, that reinforce the good effectiveness of GlucosaminHCl in osteoarthritis by the dual action approach. It inhibits the inflammation on the one hand and slowing down the cartilage degradation on the other hand. It has proved useful, to complement the effect of GlucosaminHCl by a second cartilage which. This is Chondroitnsulfat, a natural cartilage which has also proven himself in osteoarthritis. With this duo from two cartilage protective complementary patients with articular rheumatism can gently slow the increasing degradation of articular cartilage and reduce at the same time, inflammation and pain.

Both natural products have been proven in many studies and proved to be perfectly compatible. They are both scientifically documented doses in ArtVitum Tablets containing offered for dietary treatment of osteoarthritis. ArtVitum is a preparation with GlucosaminHCl and chondroitin sulfate, which ensures the necessary optimal daily dose of both cartilage vaccines recommended taking 2 tablets from morning and evening.


The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informs the sensory integration is the processing of sensory stimuli in the central nervous system. This is of great importance for the people, because it allows a reasonable discussion with the environment. Various sensory stimuli must be processed by the nervous system constantly. These include the movement, balance, and posture in addition to the feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting. The interplay of all sensory stimuli must work so that he can body according to act and react.

For many children, this interaction is disturbed. That affect adversely the overall development. The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne informs about the disorder and how she can be stimulated. Base sense attract lower of sensory integration refers to the interaction of sensory impressions on the eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, skin, balance organ and their perception and interpretation in the central nervous system. To do this is also one of the ability to interpret body language or the actions of others, to be able to understand it and to respond to this situation reasonably. Does not always work this interpretation.

A sensory integration disorder incorrectly processes the impressions in the brain. Often, children are affected by this disorder. Learning disabilities and unbearable fall then extremely difficult. Symptoms that may indicate a malfunction, are among other things a delayed speech, delayed motor development, and clumsiness. The applied sensory integration therapy provides the targeted use of movement and action offers. Use of equipment and materials specifically addressed the basic senses. Goal is to improve the processing of perception and a situation estrangements action.

Answer Stress

Deficiency of vital energy, its causes and consequences for health. Among the factors listed above are as calls from outside and internal requirements. They make you get stuck on problem, and thus you pile on too heavy a load – thoughts, chaotic rushing about in my head, brain overload, take away power. The question arises, that vital energy, has always been enough for normal functioning of the body. Otherwise, we face problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome, characterized by loss of strength, mental depression, reluctance to take initiative and engage in general any activity. Fatigue – a shortage of energy. If it occurs after a short stint – a signal to what the body needs rest, that is energizing. If not, the body begins to produce crashes, frantically signaling their needs.

If a person is constantly in excessive stress, his body reacts to stress related symptoms – such as anxiety, inner restlessness, irritability, headaches, heart palpitations. Nervousness, dizziness, a state of fear, etc. Extreme manifestation of the organism's reaction to the constant stress is a disease that made called psychosomatic. They can be very different – from intestinal disorders to heart attack, due to the source of the stress state and the nature of its impact. All this is possible to resist, but to better themselves such reactions do not lead.

After all, no one person can not long endure these pressures, and sooner or later, the stress will affect overall psychological state, giving rise to questions: how to find peace of mind, how to start enjoy life, how to gain self-confidence, as finally to overcome stress? Modern methods of self-regulation. And the answer to all these questions is actually one, and it is very simple: We must learn to stop your thoughts. For what to do it and why, because our brain – the most advanced computer, created by nature itself.


Fear for their health – causes and treatment of recently increased the number of people who are concerned about their health. And all because they are a powerful impact on the psyche. Constant stress and information from outside destroys nerve cells. And the man starts obsessive-compulsive disorder. The same people are worried about their health, because it increased the number of diseases and mortality.

Many people forget about healthy lifestyles and provoke various diseases. And then there are some fears, such as hypochondria. It is therefore important to watch TV less, and communicate with people who always inspire different thoughts about how many diseases now. And since childhood to take care of your health, increase resistance to stress, to follow the diet and regular workouts. What is hypochondria hypochondria, hypochondriac neurosis – is heightened concern for their well-being. These people have intrusive thoughts that they are sick in some serious illness and experiencing about this unnecessary suffering. These people at the slightest change in the body begin to worry about, going to the doctors. AND it makes their life – a living hell.

In addition there is hypochondria, and specific phobias, obsessive-compulsive when a person experiences the fear of a specific disease, such as cancerophobia – fear of contracting and dying from cancer, or kardiofobiya – Fear of dying from heart disease. All hypochondriacs is the fear of death, fear of death, he used them and managed. He foundation, the root of all other concerns. And we need to work with that fear and overcome it and become brave and fearless man. How to treat fears for his health In order to get rid of fear, you need to combine self-medication and professional help. An integrated approach is always more effective. So if you or your friends have wanton concern for their own health, you should contact the therapist. It will help to overcome fear with the help of psychotherapy and medication. The main thing is not to be shy and do not postpone march to a specialist. Not prolong his frustration to such an extent that it is hard to do anything. And do not be afraid that you are going crazy. This is not madness, it's just a neurosis, which can be healed or at least learn to manage their state, time shifting from thinking about illness to positive thoughts.

Stone Lights Helps

It helps in diseases of the eye, gives calmness and stamina. CANCER (June 22 – July 22) Stones – Moonstone, emerald, cat's eye, pearls. Metal – silver. Moonstone – Stone for creative professionals. Helps to reveal talents, develop imagination, creative thinking. Attracts love and helps to awaken this feeling bright one who possesses it. This is the stone of love and harmony.

Special force, he becomes a full moon. Emerald – variety of beryl transparent green. "Stone Lights," "Green Ice". Owner brings good luck, health, eliminating the bad habits. Cleans house owner from evil, negative energy. Not tolerate rudeness and lies.

Cat's eye – a kind of chrysoberyl with glass glitter in appearance resembling the eye of a cat with an elongated pupil. Maintains the health, love attracts others. Suitable indecisive people, young people, as awakens in them faith in their strength, luck, gives eloquence. LEO (July 23 – August 23) stones – amber, topaz, chrysolite, olivine. Metals – gold, bronze. Amber – "Baltic gold" because it is mined mainly in the Baltic Sea. Protects them from evil spirits, lightning, fire, gives a person the strength and health. Widely used in various sacred rites. Wearing amber beads cleanses the body of toxins, helps with diseases of the eye, throat and ears. In the old days children clothes sewn necessarily amber beads to protect from harm. Peridot – protects against reckless behavior, bad dreams, treats stuttering and cold. Protects against fire, accidents, injuries. Can recover the joy of life and relieve boredom. Stores and marital happiness for people who lead active lifestyles. Topaz – "stone of psychologists." It helps to expose the intrigues to influence other people, enhances intuition. Women brings beauty cures for infertility, vision returns. Olivine – in ancient times was a symbol of the sun. Mood and self-esteem. VIRGO (August 24 – September 23) Stones – jade and carnelian.

The Process

As a result of his own work on her already well-known technique, it has established relations with her husband. And besides, in her life came to have long forgotten feelings and sensations of joy and completeness. She also met for a lot more surprising in the process of receiving a huge pleasure of seeing what was happening in her life. As a result of passing the training, you can: remove the constraints to change subconscious installation, blocking your ability to love ourselves, become the master their lives have a huge number of opportunities to feel its power, is in harmony with yourself and others, to implement their own plans and ideas, high income earners to be healthy and feel loved and to love, to establish a personal, family life, enjoy life, themselves and feel happy, constructive act in any stressful situations. Here are reviews of people who have been training my 'How to find himself and become success .. ' You can solve everything! 'I used to have failed badly in the emotions or depression, this takes a lot of time and effort.

Now, when I encounter a problem, I know it's not hopeless, and that when 'otstuchish', you see that the problem solved. Now I have confidence that we can all decide to remove any emotional background and sober to take constructive decisions. Fears were very bright. I was shaking in front of the aircraft. I tapped and released, and calmed down. And I felt cool and I'm not afraid. Technique gives the actual physical sensation that there is progress in life and more internal freedom, After working on the theme of 'forgive myself' something compressing and limiting element that was present before – was gone.

Disease Life

Much more the likelihood that you will live a healthy and vigorous life, if you become positive thinking, stop being angry and offended on every occasion, and you will clearly know your near and distant goal in life. Very high the likelihood of diseases of the body may occur due to a rejection. Almost all the people that do not like in yourself, do not like appearance or certain character traits. This is a very common cause of occurrence of various diseases. Also, often the disease, illness and depression may mean that you do not have specific goals in life.

That is, you do not know exactly what you want out of life. Just sleep, eat, go to work and watching TV. And even if you read many of psychological and developmental literature, it does not mean that you have clear goals in life. But if you think you set a goal stupid, and life is still all happen as laid down by fate, or at least try to do it for the sake of the experiment. Of course, there are thousands of options causes you a disease. And here do not necessarily look for the answer in books or Internet. Better counselor than your body, you will not find anywhere else. There is a very simple and affordable way to each person how to understand the cause of his disease or infirmity. All the events of our life (and disease among them), we create themselves. "No, I do not want me to have the disease" – you say.

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