Good Shoes

Winters are now wrong. And time is not something science has reached unprecedented heights, and the industry, thanks to science, gives us the shoes lightweight, flexible and very thin, though – warm. The new shoes are very high “breath-ability” and stretch-ability properties. How to choose a winter shoes? Dramatic figures – 98% of all children are born with healthy feet. At the same while two-thirds of adults suffer from various deformities of toes or whole foot. The main reason – is too small or too big size shoes, worn in childhood. Podiatrists warn: disease spine, joints, neuralgia, cardio-vascular dystonia arise from wearing the wrong shoes. With the present choice is easy enough to choose good shoes for every budget. Many ask, why buy a child boots for 2-3 thousand for one season. The fact that cheap shoes are rarely carried out by all the rules making good shoes for children. It is very important, as when walking distribute the load on the muscles. On this depends the development of an organism as a whole. Foot – an important part of the body on it is impossible to save. Three important factors: the length and completeness of the foot, length. Put baby’s legs on a sheet of paper and gently circle. Measure centimeter length of the foot: from the bottom up serving forefoot. Take this picture from the store and return it to the consultant, even if the child is with you. Completeness. Many firms produce shoes for three complete: wide, medium and narrow.