Impact of Colors

For example, go to a business meeting, wearing bright clothes caller would not be very good idea. Initially, this type will generate interest in your colleagues or partners, and later, this interest turn into anger and aggression. Generally, all the angular shape of clothing, such as triangular incision or deep cleavage, may act on the surrounding otvlekayusche. Influence of colors on our reality incorrectly underestimated. Each shade is behaving differently, some colors absorb light, some of it reflects.

And it is no secret that colors have an impact on the person. Yet, as life Very strong influence have pure colors of the spectrum. For example Green (natural color) – improves health, nerve system, and generally sets organism into a harmonious work. Orange (the active color) – helps to lift mood, lift depression. However, as the color of a bright and active, can be tiring.

The yellow color of the most joyful, optimistic – relieves stress, raises the spirit. Violet color of creativity. Red, of course, the color of passion and love. Depending on the saturation and hue can be tiring. Cold blue tint – soothes, relaxes, however, together with the overwhelming. Blue tint of serenity, purity, peace. Change the colors around you depending on your own feelings and their desires. For a better focused approach deep thick tone, such kind of like green, blue, slightly red-ruby. These colors also help to achieve great comfort and convenience. Experiment with colors, observe, and practice. Batik Gallery will help you select the colors on own taste.