Voluntary Contribution

The system of faov in line is an option for all those people who work by their account and want to make their contributions to the bottom of saving obligatory to be able to accede on the credit for the house, to fulfill the requirement established in the Law of Residential Policy. In order to make the registry in faov in line, the interested one will have to accede when carrying of Internet of the National Bank of the House and Habitat (Banavih) and to be registered contributing the data that the vestibule of Internet of the bottom of saving for the house asks for, such as personal data, direction, telephone, electronic mail, occupation, level of education, amount than perceive monthly, etc. In order to in line realise the affiliation to the system of faov, the interested one must select to the option ” Regstrese”. Next faov in line, it shows a screen to him where it will have to place the date of birth and its Registry of Identificacin Fiscal (RIF). Once placed this information in faov, will be a form of affiliation in faov in line, which will have to complete with all the data that to him the vestibule demands, such as: Data of the employer: they are the data of the voluntary ahorrista. Fiscal address Amount of the monthly entrance that in line perceives the system of faov will assign of automatic form a user name to him and the interested one will have to place a key that will have to be of alphanumeric length between six and eight digits, soon to be able to accede in line to the system of faov. Celebrity trainer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Once realised these passages in faov in line, the system will give a message to him saying that the affiliation has been successful. In order to in line emit the list of payment in the system of faov, ” will come to press the option; Home” , to enter to the system of faov, with its data of user and key of access.

Faov in line counts on several modules to which the voluntary ahorrista can accede: To update data Supporting of Affiliation To load list List of payment Statement of account Consultation of payments. Once passed the first fifteen days of every month, the voluntary ahorrista can accede to faov in line and to emit the list of payment of the bottom of obligatory saving. It will realise it to the payment in the first five working days of every month. The system of faov in line calculates the three percent on the monthly entrance of the voluntary contributor, which is printing in the list that will have to be emitted in triplicate and presented/displayed the financial operator to realise the contribution to the bottom of obligatory saving. Passed twelve months enrolled in faov in line, the interested one will be able to solicit the credit for the house, since one of the requirements that the law of residential policy demands to accede on the credit for the house, is the one to have twelve quote to the bottom of obligatory saving, consecutive or no, and to be active in faov in line, at the time of the request of the hypothecating credit with the resources of the residential policy.

Yamaha Motor France

The winner of the latest edition of the Baja Spain-Aragon, Marc Guasch, will return to the Dakar in the hand of Yamaha Spain-Aprimoto and with the new WR 450F for 2012. Marc Guasch presented in the Circuit Verd in Moia (Barcelona) the bike that will take the output for the second time in the Dakar Argentina-Chile. The motorcycle is a Yamaha WR450F 2012 (prototype) prepared by the renowned specialist of Cervello, Jorge Velayos. Noteworthy is that it is a fully developed and prepared motorcycle in Barcelona. The main sponsors of the team will be Yamalube, Pont Grup correduria de seguros, Yamaha Motor Spain, JVO Racing, Aprimoto (dealer in Barcelona). Guasch share mount with the structure of Yamaha Motor France, in which Jordi Viladoms beside the French Olivier Pain and David Barrot, and the Portuguese rider Helder Rodriguez. The pilot of la Garriga, last winner of Baja, will return to the rally more difficult, long and hard in the world with a motorcycle developed by Yamaha Spain and Aprimoto and with which the Barcelones trusts crowning with success your new adventure dakariana in South America after not participating in 2010.


Important criteria that you should look for when purchasing who themselves want to buy a new tumble dryer, which finds itself before a large range. But it’s not so hard to decide if some essential features of the device, as well as your own needs are taken into account for the right model. Three types of dryers In the trade are now three types of dryers: exhaust air, condensation and heat pump dryers, where the heat pump dryer operates on the principle of Kondenstrockners, itself shows however significantly more energy efficient heat pump technology. All three variants, dry warm air in the wet laundry is managed. This air absorbs the humidity to a certain degree, then creates steam, which passes the exhaust dryer via a hose into the open. -covid-19-in-the-u-s/’>Kaiser Family Foundation and gain more knowledge.. In a condensation of the water vapor does not derive, but condensation, is collected in a container or redirected via hose into the waste water system is formed by cooling down.

To Energy in highly need both types of dryer to heat the air up. Unlike of the heat pump dryer, the air heats up at the warm end of the pump. So the heat pump dryers boast also the best energy efficiency class. Energy efficiency class A and better heat pump dryer have the top score in the energy saving and belong to a-class. But even dryer of this kind, there are with the energy efficiency class A-50% are marked and thus offer an even greater savings in energy. The condensation without heat pump reaches still the energy efficiency class B, the air dryer is with C in the significantly high energy consumption. Who would like to reduce energy costs in the long term, of the attacks to a heat pump dryer. Program diversity and technical equipment determine the own dryer needs also the selection of the appropriate unit.

The who wants to be prepared for all cases and materials, choose a model that covers a wide variety of programs and also sensitive Textiles takes into account. A gentle drum that is gentle to the laundry, of course. New dryers have a display and touch control buttons for various flow indicators and the end times code in addition to the fully electronic one-button operation in addition. The capacity of the device depends on the volume of own laundry.

Japanese Lines

Gradually, the Japanese style called Japanism (late 19-mid 20 century) and spread around the world. As a result, resulted in the concept of following the direction of Modernism. Unique trend was reflected in the works of painters: Russian M. Wrubel, S. Malyutina, western, P. Behrens and E.Bern-Jones. And then came the design area. Belgian artist H.

Wold, an outstanding master of the time based on the principle of "life rhythm" of the organic world developed the whole concept of interlacing – the windows, chairs, ceiling lines, gently swam in the wallpaper, all present in the home and at the same time constituting the name of the 'ensemble'. Motto – no detail should not be overlooked. This approach has been in the works of artist-designer Charles McIntosh, the founder of another, and organic dizayna.Cherez prism of artist-designers Japanese motifs are transformed into the interiors of houses, in art product design. In the full spirit of modernity was reflected in the work of the Russian architect F. Shechtel. Floral design with a soft, graceful and flowing into the lines covered all areas of art and turned into furniture design, dishes, clothes, desk lamps, etc. Offshoot of modernism was called Art Nouveau. It is distinguished by simplicity of form and modernity.

In Germany, Darmstadt, formed a cooperative, an investor who was the Duke of Hesse. Using modern technology, create original household items. These workshops grow throughout the whole of Germany. The successful realization of modernism in furniture design can be seen in the works P.

Fragile Happiness

So, who beats? And yet it is safe to determine the motivations of senior lay hands on the younger, as well as the personality type of the seniors. Bute alcoholics with no brakes, hit emotionally unbalanced, beat people, having a lot of personal problems. Those who do not have the patience (no time to explain – it's easier), who ignorant in matters of child psychology (though well-versed by the "hot hand" can). Finally, those who do not know of other methods. In general sense of the beat of his own helplessness, and his actions in this impotence and painted. Physical punishment in the apparent effectiveness of its rapidly removes a person punished by guilt and prevents it from awareness.

Simultaneously, it sends information to the child: "When you are angry with someone – beat?. When you ask: "Why beat that?" Answer: "And to know." And many are simply out of conviction: "They beat me, and I grew up normal and the right person. " And what they think about the phenomenon of physical punishment of parties to the conflict "Parent", "child", the church, psychologists? PUNISH GOOD TO BE HAND-known American psychologist, who is also a preacher, James Dobson believes that nature has created specially in the lower part of the child seat in which to act in cases of outright defiance. Many children need it in the physical punishment of disobedience. Shall be punished by hand should be good, so D. Dobson recommends using rods or a switch, the hand may remain the same means of expressing love.

Corporal punishment must be rare, but accurate. Can be punished with 18 months already. But teenagers do not hit better. Physically punish the parent has the right to balanced and emotionally restrained. James Dobson says that all the social unrest in the world today stem from the fact that parents have moved away from the postulates about the penalties set out in the Old and New Testaments.

Designer Outlet Berlin

For all impatient, the designer outlet Berlin already from the 11th December is the start of the big Christmas sale. Thus, it offers further reductions on designer goods before anyone else. From December 11, celebrates the designer outlet Berlin the advent season with an incredible Christmas sale and attracts reduced designer products first with hot discounts on the already 30-70%. Then great deals waiting in the brand’s own stores through December 24th all bargain hunters. Whether luxurious accessories by Escada, hip boots by Navyboot or cuddly sweater by Stefanel – in the designer outlet is everybody is guaranteed his favorite part for the cold season. Also one should miss the offers of the recently opened stores do not. So, the brand new Samsonite store offers stylish travel companion, like suitcases, bags and accessories.

Shoe addicts will find looking for athletic shoe trends at Skechers. And Park Avenue with its outlet shop offering first-class business fashion for men. But also in the field of Interior has much new to offer the designer outlet Berlin. So you can find stylish home accessories and beautiful decorations for your own four walls or great gift ideas with Lambert for his loved ones. In addition to the unique designer and brand mix to Outletpreisen the designer outlet Berlin offers little educational care in the Panda Kids Club, thus is a relaxed shopping during the big Christmas sale guaranteed. In addition, the convenient location to the B5 not only with the car promises a fast and comfortable connection. In only 20 minutes’s drive from Berlin’s Center hourly with the RE 2 towards Rathenow train station Elstal. There, the bus 662, which brings its passengers in only 7 minutes to the Center waiting for information. Designer Outlet Berlin of schoner may not be shopping facts & figures Designer Outlet Berlin the designer outlet Berlin in Wustermark in Berlin was opened on June 18, 2009.

China is a Giant With Feet

The fear is that although we are ready the change might come so soon that we wont be really ready. We all know that China is an economic giant that runs on a platform irreversible and continuing upward. The people of the PRC are on 1.3 million million people, many I would say: they work, think, feel and suffer as human beings they are. The government dictates the rules of coexistence, and they have to fulfill to the letter: they are living in a fledgling democracy. They / technique used as sound and persuasive work: a OESI tell me, I forget. Show me, and I may remember. Count on me, and I will understand (Chinese proverb).

But the Chinese Executive little (if anything) has the people. We all know that China is an economic giant that runs on a platform irreversible and continuing upward. The people of the PRC are on 1.3 million million people, many I would say: they work, think, feel and suffer as beings are human. The government dictates the rules of coexistence, and they have to fulfill to the letter: they are living in a fledgling democracy. They / technique used as sound and persuasive work: a OESI tell me, I forget. Show me, and I may remember. Count on me, and I will understand (Chinese proverb).

Training Owners

Food for dogs and their training. When we bring a puppy home have the temptation to treat him as a human being, and not we can never forget that they are animals and that we must educate them like animals, without wanting this to say no them we can love and give them large amounts of affection. If we don’t train them from puppies we can create, unintentionally, a tirana pet that will become the master of the House. The lunch and food are basic in the training process. On the one hand it is the routine and discipline that is imposed at lunchtime.

One of the first rules of coexistence which have been imposed upon the animal is has always eat after its owners, thus respecting the hierarchy of the home. They have to learn that human beings are the owners and they are subordinate. They have to follow a strict routine with respect to meals and no feed them when they ask for it. Only when the owners have eaten and picked up. So they’re healthy and strong you need to take quality pet food. On the other hand, the food as Award is one of the bases of training processes.

To reward dogs for good behavior there are a few special pet treats. Sweets should not give to humans, since they are harmful, even toxic to your health. It is can also reward them with small pieces of food that they like also. But never should be given food when the owners are eating, since they become accustomed, or pieces of bones, which are dangerous for them and can cause choking or damage the digestive system.

Vecchio Mulino

Discover the most beautiful views of the Ogliastra on the East coast of Sardinia has the breathtaking landscape of Ogliastra in uncomplicated atmosphere, who climbs the lonely mountains or approaching her from the water. In a sports paradise of the island are hikers, climbers, paragliders, mountaineers and many other active vacationers fully at their own expense. Endless hiking trails, vertical rock columns, idyllic coves and cliffs starting place for pilots include also the 3-star hotel il Vecchio Mulino in Arbatax. Here, a beach holiday can be combined with many activities. After long tours offers House included the famous Cliff of porphyry relaxation pure. 20 cosy rooms offer every comfort.

All rooms are equipped with bath, shower, WC, bidet, air conditioning, radio, colour TV, safe and minibar. During the travel period 1 to 30 June 2008 the Special savings and family offers hotel. Learn how you can book the Hotel Il Vecchio Mulino for an active holiday in harmony with nature, holidays in Sardinien.com! Link: Michael Muller press contact: MMV consulting Srl marketing & PR via Palestrina 60 09129 Cagliari (CA) – Italy Tel: 0039 / 070/40 00 64 fax: 0039 / 070/45 24 867 E-Mail: on holiday in-sardinien.com holiday in-sardinien.com is the German Sardinia catalog MMV Reisen GmbH. The German tour operator specializes on the destinations of Sardinia and Corsica. Hotels, holiday homes, group tours, incentives, events, tailor-made tours: The Corsica and Sardinia specialists on-site in Cagliari (Sardinia) as well as Aleria and Calvi (Corsica) are available for more than eight years for island knowledge, personal travel advice, product and satisfied customers.

New Scientology Building

The new Scientology center is open to all visitors. Visitors are invited to come in the new Church the Church of Scientology has opened a further, new large building, given many people the helpful services to make. On February 23, the great inauguration of the new building with local dignitaries and members of South African Royal houses was celebrated in the South African capital Pretoria. The completely renovated and newly inaugurated Scientology complex consists of a total of five houses, which were originally built at the turn of the 20th century. True to the original style were the building restored and rebuilt the new, modern requirements an ideal Church of Scientology according to.

The new Scientology church building at the stanza Bopape road, very near to the Union buildings, the official seat of the South African Government and the Office of the President. The celebrations were a message of the head of the Church of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, opened. In it, he emphasized the work that started many years ago L. Ron Hubbard in South Africa. The new buildings were dedicated to the founder of the Scientology religion, who talked during his lifetime, that the next great civilization on this planet will emerge from southern Africa.” “High-ranking guests were present as the representative of the national of African Congress (ANC) Dr. Mathole Moshekga, the program director Thabo Madisa for South Africa’s Constitution Hill at the celebrations”, the CEO of the Opera of South Africa”, Prince Unathi Mtirara, as well as the Commissioner of the South African judiciary authority Alfred Tsetsane, Mrs Theodora Mohale head of the Board of education of the province of Gauteng and Anna-Mari Pieterse, the national head of the humanity BBs team South Africa”. In his speech, Dr. Mathole Motshekga relied on the African concept of Ubuntu (“which means: I am because you are, are you, because we are”) and welcomed the new Church of Scientology of Pretoria as saying: May today the start of a beautiful friendship of his friendship, which forges the South African spirit of Ubuntu, which directs the development of our nation and leads to a combination of social and mental development as our Idol of Nelson Mandela who imagined it.” Program Director for South Africa’s Constitution Hill”Thabo Madisa spoke about the legacy of L.

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