Cervical Erosion – Serious Disease Diagnosis !

Cervical erosion is one of common gynecological diseases, it is observed in 10-15% of women seeking medical attention. Often the disease is diagnosed in women who consider themselves healthy. Pseudo cervical uterus may be a precancerous condition. There are different types of erosion: an innate, true and pseudo. Congenital erosion rarely turn into cancer. True erosion – acquired the disease process, characterized by damage to the epithelium of the vaginal cervix. Formed an ulcer or wound to the manifestation of the inflammatory response. Such erosion is often bleeding during sexual intercourse, often accompanied by a purulent secretions from the genital tract.

True erosion – the process short, it's been 1-2 weeks and into the next stage – the pseudo, which is usually detected by a doctor. There may be a long pseudo (Months or even years), while not eliminated inflammatory diseases and other pathological processes that served as the reason for its creation and stability. At the same time she supports pseudo chronic inflammation in the cervix. After appropriate treatment the healing process of erosion can be from healthy uninfected cells that surround it. In the long and pseudo- concomitant inflammatory response may have pathological changes – cell hyperactivity manifestations of atypia of cells, which is a sign of precancerous abnormalities. The emergence of pseudo-cervix can help: colpitis (inflammation of the vagina), including Trichomonas, birth injury, trauma of the cervix with the product of abortion, and hormonal disorders. To date, one of the informative methods examination of patients with pathology of the cervix is colposcopy.

Extended colposcopy – is available and very effective. The main essence of colposcopy is to survey the state of the surface epithelium of the cervix and vagina using a special device. The basis of colposcopy on the assessment of various reactions of normal and pathological changes of tissues after treatment specific medication formulations. The method allows identify and specify changes in cervical epithelium, which are difficult or even impossible to identify by visual observation. With colposcopy, the doctor can differentiate between benign and cancerous changes to sighting smears and biopsies. In the case of detection of infection, chlamydia, gardnerella, trichomonas, HPV expedient of appropriate treatment, followed by normalization of the microflora of the vagina, and only after that the recommended treatment of erosion (pseudo). Of the many recommended treatments should be allocated one of the modern – NO-therapy – treatment with vehicle "Plazon." NO-therapy as compared with other therapies (electrocoagulation, kriodistruktsiey, laser therapy and others), accelerates epithelization by an average of 30-40, erasing the risk of side effects in the form of bleeding, formation of rough scars, the exacerbation of inflammatory processes, has a hemostatic antibacterial action. More information on this site:

How To Choose An Interesting Movie ?

All of moviegoers, there is one big problem. It consists in choosing a film. Worth watching a movie or not? Does he like it? Because the film requires a fairly large amount of time, but when it comes to buying, then the money. Yes – tell you – as well as a description of a film, which is available on virtually any disk? Well, – I answer – and how many times have you disappointed in the movies, the descriptions that you read on the covers of their CDs? In fact every now and then. Purpose any such description is to buy film. It does not matter how good the movie actually is. If you write to disk the truth, the film will not buy (if we talk about such a mediocre movie). If a little spice description, you can earn a good idea.

But it's much sadder for the true connoisseurs of good movies is not even that. Worst of all frustration occurring after realizing that you were swept around the finger. After all, why people watch some movies more than once? They know perfectly well what the outcome of the film, perhaps they have already memorized all the replicas. But they believe that watching this movie just give them the unforgettable moments, lived not in my life, and in atmosphere though invented, but another world. And it is quite specific feelings: laughter, tears, anger, sadness, courage, etc. A strange film – it's always a risk that find yourself not where we would like. Therefore, based on invented by spin-doctors can not describe.

Fair and impartial assessment of the film can only be answered by those who themselves is the audience and who have looked at some film. But that's not all. It is necessary that this description is consistent with certain requirements that are dictated by common sense. For example, the reader should not know the plot and details of the film, otherwise the film would not be fun to watch. The author of the article should skillfully to give a "bite" movie, intrigue, and do not feed all the most interesting moments. I, unfortunately, very rarely come across for, even if this principle. A mass of such principles, but this article makes no sense to talk about them. I do not want to teach you to create such descriptions. But at least his ability to do this I have already applied for the common benefit of all moviegoers. I created my blog in which impartially see new movies and hate them the verdict on the basis of which You can come to view these movies more deliberately, not expecting them to what they can not give. Link to a blog can be found below. Blog fairly new, but I try to regularly upload there new descriptions. Each description of a discussion in which one can express all that is in the bounds of decency. I invite everyone to take part in creating a believable image of modern films.


Show your child the main game stories, and teach swing doll to carry in a wheelchair, fed and put to bed. With the help of these games also teaches adult Child patronize, care, empathy toy. In subsequent years, this toy can be a real friend to .V age 4 – 5 years, it's time for a variety of designers, mosaics. They give excellent opportunities for the development of fantasy child's creativity. Continues to develop interest in the game with all kinds of baby animals and human figures.

It is desirable that these figures were numerous and the child was the opportunity to play at the zoo, school, city, etc. Therefore, your child will need sets for subject-role-playing games (cattle yard, repair shop, doctor, superspy, and something you can buy, and do something with their hands out scrap materials). After 6 years of toys and games are very realistic. Child care similarity model and the original functionality of the toy. Love the children advanced small designers, especially the use of batteries and electricity. Girls tend to accurately model the relationship between adults with dolls and accessories nim.Imenno at this age the child begins to consciously create, experiment, create something new. The task of adults to help him in this, especially now that the market there are new items, which parents and have no idea, because they grew up in a time when none of this happened. Together with the age of informatics at toy market came to a variety of electronic quizzes, toy synthesizers

Raising A Child At An Early Age

Child-rearing. When you need to get up and do it? Parenting your baby begins at birth. And how successful it will be depends largely on the child's health is directly related to his physical and mental . most of the day sleeping, but even short periods of wakefulness should not be wasted. From the first hours after birth to knock in his consciousness. Need to talk with the kid, a pipsqueak actively looking for a sound source, and finding the person speaking is trying to keep him in sight. Held a couple of weeks and he first consciously smile in response to communication. Play with your kid, a bright moving rattle to attract his attention, and baby will turn his head after her.

Before each feeding and after giving the baby to lie down without a diaper. This quenching and charge simultaneously. Add to this conversation, and get a whole range of educational, repeated throughout the day several times. If parents often talk with your child, then at 2-3 month baby is able to communicate. He knows my mother's voice and face, eyes watching for her movements.

Joyful emotions stimulate development of vocal tract, because the child always tries to maintain a conversation. At this time the toys have to hang so that the baby could reach them. Acquainted with them fingers and wondering how and eyes. Now it's time to start the game in the magpie-crow. " Zone palm is directly related to the speech center, her irritation frequent strokes, stimulate its development.


* Do not plague and leprosy * We call a spade a spade: the growth of prostitution, which is observed in our country in recent years, there is a direct result of a general decline in morality, violating the principles of social justice, the differences of words and deeds. and syphilis, and aids – this is not the plague and leprosy. The corpses of the dead from the plague burned lepers isolated in the leprosarium because these diseases can be transmitted even by touching the subject, who was holding the patient, even from the air, which he breathed. Venereal disease also can be contracted only by their own volition. That's all they know, and yet they themselves walk into the loop.

Lust is stronger than fear. But stronger than lust – the lack of moral barriers moral brakes. Let us recall the story of 's 'Fit' – about how three students visited a brothel. One of them, which outraged the conscience, so thinking about my friends – doctors and artist: 'Something of two things: either we it only seems that prostitution – the evil, and we are exaggerating, or, if prostitution really is evil, as they think, my dear friends are the same slave owners, rapists and murderers. That is why I find it hard to accept appeals mercilessly punish prostitutes, because they, you know, do not spare us, endangering public health. That's right, they are the main carriers of sexually transmitted diseases, and now adding to them aids, all terrible danger that we even remotely as long as does not represent.

Impact of Colors

For example, go to a business meeting, wearing bright clothes caller would not be very good idea. Initially, this type will generate interest in your colleagues or partners, and later, this interest turn into anger and aggression. Generally, all the angular shape of clothing, such as triangular incision or deep cleavage, may act on the surrounding otvlekayusche. Influence of colors on our reality incorrectly underestimated. Each shade is behaving differently, some colors absorb light, some of it reflects.

And it is no secret that colors have an impact on the person. Yet, as life Very strong influence have pure colors of the spectrum. For example Green (natural color) – improves health, nerve system, and generally sets organism into a harmonious work. Orange (the active color) – helps to lift mood, lift depression. However, as the color of a bright and active, can be tiring.

The yellow color of the most joyful, optimistic – relieves stress, raises the spirit. Violet color of creativity. Red, of course, the color of passion and love. Depending on the saturation and hue can be tiring. Cold blue tint – soothes, relaxes, however, together with the overwhelming. Blue tint of serenity, purity, peace. Change the colors around you depending on your own feelings and their desires. For a better focused approach deep thick tone, such kind of like green, blue, slightly red-ruby. These colors also help to achieve great comfort and convenience. Experiment with colors, observe, and practice. Batik Gallery will help you select the colors on own taste.


I love themselves and, therefore, take care of your body. I fed him healthy food. I lovingly take care of him and dressed him, and my body pays me for the care excellent health and vigor. I love myself, so I create a house in which to live comfortably, the house that meets my needs, which remain a pleasure. The whole atmosphere in the house permeated with love.

Everyone who comes to me, feels it and feeds it. I love myself, and as a consequence, I do a job that brings me real joy. I fully spread on the job, working with and for people using all their creative potential, and the surrounding meet my love. I earn well. I love myself and therefore I think and treat all people with love, as I know: all that I give will come back to me a hundredfold. I admit in my world just loving people, because I know that they are like two peas in a pod like me.

I love myself and as a consequence, say goodbye to your past and get rid of him. I'm free. I love myself and as a consequence, I live only the present, taking each moment as a blessing. I know that ahead of me waiting for a bright and happy future, it will not let me, because I – particle of the universe, which is lovingly cared for me today and will take care of tomorrow. And it's true. I trust the flow of life evolving in accordance with the divine order.

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

With the onset of the spring-summer season, thousands of truckers in a hurry on their garden plots, hoping to enjoy the sunshine, clean water, green forests, work in the fresh air, scents kebabs. However, this idyll often disturbed by the presence next to us uninvited guests – flies, mosquitoes, moles, mice and other small able to ruffle even the most patient man. And if the monotone hum of small bloodsuckers can be eliminated with the help of fire and smoke, what to do when the birds spoil the carefully cultivated our fruit, and moles to search through the area so that it becomes like a battlefield? Scarecrow is not able to help as birds do not react to them, and use the poison – a more expensive. The best way out would be ultrasonic repellents that are applied to effectively fight against moles, rats, mice, cockroaches and other insects. Most important that these repellents do not create electromagnetic interference, and no adverse effects on human health. In the woods will help you cope with flying repellents of mosquitoes and other insects as a remote control – such repellents are often as personal siren and flashlight in one superminiatyurnom device and combine several functions.

Using this trinket you will not only scare away mosquitoes, and mosquitoes on distance of 1-2 meters, but also use the device for personal safety. If you are running close to the vicious dog, then you can protect yourself and your family from bites by using repellents dogs. Such repellents keeps a dog at a safe distance, using the radiation in the direction of the dog ultrasonic waves, and the outbreak of super-bright LEDs. Ultrasound can not hear the person, and therefore not dangerous to their health. Dog deterrent may work as a lantern, and some of them even have the function of dog training for remembering her voice commands or sign owner. We hope that the ultrasonic repellents can help you get rid of uninvited guests to the infield, and each trip to the infield will be unforgettable.

A Simple Way To Throw Money Down The Drain, Helping Your Health

How do I choose products for your health. I think that by reading this article, you agree that some things are not what may seem at first glance. Here are some criteria by which I compared: price, quantity, number of active substance in a unit of measurement of literacy production, quality certificates. Most people when choosing products take into consideration only 1.2 points from the list. Very often only interested in cost and this basis, make their choice. As compared patented mix and will be nearly impossible, I looked at the example of calcium. Body in the middle need 1000mg of calcium daily.

Most often we not receive substantial part of it. Calcium deficiency can cause the development of some of the more than 150 diseases caused by its deficiency in the body for a long time. Thus, two cans of calcium from different manufacturers 900 rubles. and 120 rub. The first is a Calcium Magnesium Chelate nsp and the second any cheap pharmacy ionic calcium. At first glance, the choice is obvious. We take the one that is cheaper and the question is closed.

Along the way, you can accuse the company of overstating nsp 7 times prices. Yet not we jump to conclusions, and analyze the list above. 1. This criterion is the price we have already evaluated. What did we pay? On this later. 2. the number and here we see that a competitor for a suggested price 60 tablets (sometimes less, and with such price), while the nsp 200! 3. quantity of active material per unit of measurement 250mg each. Or if it is 30 tablets or lower quality, then the calcium may be cheap 500mg. Terms of roughly equal in this particular paragraph. 4. Literacy Production One of the things that I attribute to the production of literacy – the degree of digestibility. For the successful metabolism of calcium needed magnesium. Magnesium is much more expensive than calcium, so the content of this mineral price depends to a large extent. How much magnesium in one pill? Calcium Magnesium Chelate (NSP): 125mg (the ratio of calcium to 1 / 2) Cheap Calcium: 30 mg (ratio of approximately 1 / 7) Of course, literacy is not the end of this production. Calcium Magnesium Chelate (NSP) – Cheap chelate form of calcium – the ionic form of calcium ion, getting in the gastrointestinal tract, reacts and turns into a calcium phosphate mineral trudnousvaivaemy. An adult man with his digestibility typically 5%. Chelate forms a strong link of the mineral with an amino acid. With this he easily passes through all the biochemical barriers. Metabolism of this form of calcium is many times higher. 5. Quality Certificates Calcium Magnesium Chelate (NSP) Here the undisputed leader. The highest demands of the international gmp standard against the minimum requirements for the production of cheap calcium. Now you can calculate how much to pay miserly. I can safely say that this will be considerably more than twice.

Yoga – Health, Strength, Beauty .

Yoga – a great method of maintaining soego body and spirit in good shape. Yoga exercises (asanas kompeleksy) are included in the program many fitness clubs. However, beginners yoga face the fact that most of the asanas are not obtained from the first or even the second time. We would like to give some tips that can help you work on yourself. Yoga This mysterious word fascinate and frighten. And those who do yoga seem to us almost demigods.

Easy, smart and calm. It seems that it is impossible to achieve the same result. Yoga, asanas? Is it possible to emerge as halves, really here these tied in a knot and then his legs will go? They still smile in the such a position? Believe me, everything is possible. Yoga can not stand the theory and bustle, so start practice. Like any well thought-out system, yoga begins with simple things. It does not matter – if you have a physical training or not. The main thing – it's your desire to become more healthy, to find impenetrable calmness and composure, to feel the fullness of life.

Beginners are often faced with the fact that many of the postures and breathing practices seem to be complicated or even impossible. A person who has not everything feels out of place, suggesting that some yoga exercises simply are not available, but something altogether seems unreal. Interest in yoga is reduced, the person omits hands, and sometimes even stops training. And he does it for nothing. We would like to give some tips for beginners that can help in the early stages of development of the ancient science of man – yoga.

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