Public Health

Its initiatives, according to Vaz (1995), search to improve aqualidade of life of the population, as well as attenuating or eliminating sociaisrelacionados problems, mainly, with questions of hygiene and public health, work, education, transport and nutrition. Many of the social problems have mannering origin, comoo cigarette consumption, the accidents in the transit, the growth of the AIDS, entreoutros. The social marketing offers a mechanism to face these problems, being stimulated the people to adopt healthful styles of life. Influenciarno only can the individuals, but also the organizations, the politicians and gruposde interest. (DAYS, 2007, P. 55) the use of the strategies of socialcorporativo marketing, according to Days (2007), happens in the modification of the image of the company, in long stated period, in way that the searched social value becomes into atributospara the mark. For Axe Son (2006), the rational implementation destasestratgias opens chance so that the companies can revert imagensnegativas already established, as well as minimizing the risks of the loss of reputation, exploring aosconcorrentes chances of differentiation front. New terms, as social, ticaempresarial responsibility, private social investment, social, sustentabilidadesocial, filantropia rocking corporative, voluntariado, among others, see sendoassociados to the social marketing, according to Sources (2008), in an attempt instituiesexplicarem of and justifying them its social investments, ahead of mudanasque see occurring in the market.

This association is possible, according to Zenone (2006), for the fact of these terms to be in the same semantic field. In the corporative scope, the performance socially responsveladotada by the majority of the great companies happens, according to Acar et al (2006), nabusca for solutions for the social problems that the alone government not to conseguesolucionar. This philosophy, directed toward the practical one of actions that take asempresas if to compromise to the community where is inserted, comes sendoincluda in strategical planning of some companies whom, according to etal Mello (2008), they search to develop a more sustainable productive system, without, however, to leave to get profits.

Chicken Consumption

Alavancado for this growth, the per capita consumption of chicken meat was of 44 kilos in the last year. Passing these statisticians for the paper, the exchange prescription got a 17% increment, totalizing US$ 6,808 million. The average price of the Brazilian sales was of 1,782 US$ the ton, with a 11,4% increase. Inside of the gamma of products, the exportations of cuts had added embarkments 1,972 million of tons (+5.7%) and exchange prescription of US$ 3,534 billion (+22.3%). The sales of entire chicken had totalized 1,488 million of tons (+6.4%), with US$ prescription 2,254 billion (+17%). The exportations of industrialized chicken, of 168,8 a thousand tons (- 1.9%), had represented US$ prescription 465.1 million (- 5%). In the other segments the embarkments had been of 190,1 a thousand tons, with a US$ prescription 553,4 million (UBABEF, 2010). Beyond the meat the poultry keeping offers a product of excellent quality as the egg, where it possesss nutrients necessary to form a complete animal and to contribute the nutrition as one protein of high quality, 13 vitamins and minerals, possessing a small calrica percentage.

These products for having a considerably low price are the times the only protein source of animal origin for families of low purchasing power. In the egg production Brazil if finds between the 10 world-wide producing greaters. Brazil occupies 7 world-wide place in amount of production and the sector is responsible for putting into motion in country US$ 2 billion with approximately 16,4 billion eggs per year, being that the 2005 production was of 18 billion units. The production not yet exceeded this value due to the concept missed regarding the egg, for having cholesterol. This made with that the consumption in Brazil got one gueda significant, with a consumption of 123 eggs per year. Already in the developed countries as Japan and U.S.A. it arrives to be consumed per capita annual of 258 the 373 eggs.

The Family

The impact of the cultural changes on the family, modifying its characteristics (FREITAS, 1999), had implied in delegation, for school, of the basic and moral social formation of the future citizens. The school, as reply, pressured for this new demand, it finished overloading the professor with attributions, the principle, not pertinent to its paper and for which it was not prepared. Amongst the papers that the professor finishes having that to play, in function of the difficulties who the pupils present, they are: mother or father, psychologist (), nurse (), nutritionist. In such a way, its original function, that is to teach, tends to dissolve in these some papers. On the other hand, the financial remuneration of the professor, who could estresse brighten up it caused for the excess of attributions, does not correspond to the responsibility that is attributed to it.

Thus, the wage, for great majority, is low – as low it has been social recognition of its work. The 0 variable that determine the quality of the educative work (method, formation of the professor, type of management of the school) are important, however, given the adverse conditions, the performance of the professor acquires a singular relevance. It is who is in ' ' line of frente' ' with the pupil. Of it the specific knowledge and fraquejo are charged didactic, indispensable for the transmission and construction of knowledge and, consequentemente, intellectual formation of the pupil. E, still, coherence, leadership, and security to place limits, commanding the convivncia and the process of teach-learning, in the classroom. The collection is enormous, the return nor in such a way. We conclude that the school costuma to attribute the responsibility for the difficulties that faces, when playing its paper, to the desestruturao of the family, the politics of the government of containment of investments and to the social conjuncture, characterized for the moral and ethical crisis and social injustice. However, when looking for external causes for the problem, have a trend to isentar of the responsibility, being made it difficult the brainstorming. to leave of this fact, the school tends to assume a passive position to who only fits to wait a change of external sectors. Moreover, the importance given to the innovation and the management to promote changes would have to be constant and bigger that in the company, where it is possible to standardize the raw material, produt

New Year

In our Palace New Year's holidays are often held in the hall area of 600 sq.m. Of course, if this is a children's Christmas holiday, the halls are chosen smaller. Admiring the interior, do not forget to pay attention to technical aspects: the air conditioning system, furniture, soundproofing, acoustics, functionality of the hall, the ability to zoning, etc. The infrastructure of the building must include special areas for technical services staff. The clatter of dishes, food odors, noise and bustle is not an adorn the Christmas holidays.

Our experience in the New Year shows that the technical ladder, rooms for catering, make-up toilets, showers for actors – things are just necessary. By the way, parking attendants, too, must be separate. Where better to contrive an New Year – in the heart of the city, or where the road is quieter? AD: It is unlikely that anyone will want to go to the outskirts. Of course, traffic jams and a festive mood can easily spoil. Ideally, if the building will be located in the heart of the city, but in a fairly quiet place, free from the clusters of machines. That is, during the Christmas holidays it is desirable to combine both factors.

Oh, and very important to consider how things stand there with public transportation. Let us take our palace: it is in the heart of the city, near the arrow Vasilevsky Island, in a very attractive place – on the riverbank. In this way we have not scored plugs are practically free at any time of day, traffic intersection is very convenient.

Smokey Eyes: Step By Step

So, at the request of readers publish the article, what is the Smokey-Eyes, and how to paint the eyes in this way. 'Smokey Eyes' makeup is called a dark, smeared the frame out of the shadows and eyeliner around his eyes. This technique gives the make-up look incredible depth by contrast white of the eye and dark shadows, which provides the iris. So, all that we need to look perfect – it's crisp shadow applicator or brush, eyeliner and mascara Lash. The key to flawless makeup – corresponding to each color. You must be sure that the colors that you use, ideally suited to each other. It is best to choose two shades of one color (light gray and almost black), but you can experiment: a soft gold with dark purple, the color of champagne with a bright blue or peach with deep green.

I suggest you step by step instructions for beginners to the famous Hollywood makeup artist Bobbi Brown. After learning how to paint in black tones, it will be possible to try and colors brighter. Step 1. Apply a white shadow or injury to all eyelid. Step 2. Choose a soft, smoky color and apply it to mobile eyelid to fold. Step 3. If you apply the shadows a few times, the color becomes more pronounced.

For more intensity, cover the top a darker shade for the color you chose for your makeup. Step 4. Concentrate on the folds of the eyelids. Apply a shadow just a little more mobile age, to achieve dramatic effect. Step 5. Shade transition between shades of the fingers. Step 6. Apply a liner, dark eye shadow or eyeliner on outer to inner corners of eyes. Step 7. Shade line so that it was a bit smeared. Step 8. Spend the arrow and also under the eye from outer to inner corner. Step 9. Make a slightly thicker the arrow, as far as length of the lashes. Step 10. Smear the line clean fingers or a cotton swab. Step 11. The arrows were kept longer, apply another layer of shadow brush. Step 12. For a better view of feather line. Or is it possible to put a little bit thicker. Step 13. For a more expressive again put shadows, layer by layer, until you reach the desired effect. Step 14. Enjoy the result =) Beautiful eye and attention of men =)

Latvian Gifts

Going on a trip to Latvia, we expect to see something familiar from childhood, and something entirely new. We are impressed by the appearance of cities and European Russian language on their streets, the strict nature of the north and bustle of the centers. Head swirls of experience, contrasts and new discoveries. "I must not forget to tell about it at home" – we think. – "It will impress your friends, parents, close to …" It's time to remember the gift! He will be significant addition to the story, and where not enough words that describe a gift for you.

So, let's go to your own journey to Latvia. In the journey for a gift! Where are typically presents? Of course, in the shops! "Eh" You sigh with disappointment – "I found something to surprise: where else to buy gifts!" Not really. The best gifts of this country in a large assortment of really lie on the shelves of its stores. First of all, it's cosmetic line Dzintars. Maybe you remember your mom a make-up? It is still not inferior in quality to the world's leading brands.

Therefore, a gift will truly gorgeous! From cosmetics shop moved into the clothing store. And here, too find jerseys Latvian factories. Quality – excellent! Remember the glory of "jersey from the Baltic States"? So, first of all it appeared by the Latvian products! Shop still good and that, thanks to impressive range, you can pick up as an intimate gift to a friend, and completely neutral gift distant relative. Go to the next shop. Grocery. How many here have traditionally only Latvia! Cheeses, curds, bread, canned food Sprat, smoked fish! But all of this we will not buy: Can not dovezti such wealth to the house and ruin the rest of the contents of the suitcase. What do we choose? Take a closer look …

HDL and LDL Cholesterol

Cholesterol – a natural fat (lipophilic) alcohol contained in the cell membranes of all living organisms (except bezyadernyh organisms). Cholesterol – a valuable element of cell membranes, without it cells can not or HDL – are called 'good' holisterinom. Podschityvanie general location of cholesterol in blood is based on the analysis of blood. a lot of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, it will gradually accumulate in the inner walls of arteries. Together with other substances will be created so-called plaques, narrowing the arteries and make them less flexible. This disease is called atherosclerosis. Blocking of the arteries with plaque can cause stroke or heart attack.

On average, 25-33% of cholesterol transferred HDL or "good" lipoproteins. High levels of HDL protects against heart attacks. Low levels of HDL (nezhe 40 mg / dL) increases the risk of heart disease. Triglycerides – the form fats, formed in the body. High level of triglycerides is often combined with low levels of cholesterol, high density, that is 'good cholesterol', and this indicates that the fat particles into the blood, what is the cause of vascular disease.

Consequently, high triglyceride levels should be perceived as a danger signal. One of the fatal mistakes that people make with respect to cholesterol, is that they believe, supposedly all the foods that are high in fat are rich in cholesterol. Those who reduce the acceptance of various vegetable oils in order to reduce calorie intake, while at the same time the levels of fat and cholesterol, does more harm than good. Vegetable oil contains no cholesterol! Yes, it is 100% composed of fat, but fat is important to us in order to effectively burn fat! Simply add to food omega-3 fats, which are in oil and fish, and the body begins to burn fat, as in the furnace of a locomotive! Reduce cholesterol levels contribute to the garlic, folic acid, vitamin E, green tea, niacin. Perfectly helps reduce cholesterol levels and normalization of blood pressure unusual juice noni. In the human body cholesterol is the 'raw material' for the formation of steroid hormones, particularly sex: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Without cholesterol education can not be vitamin D, deficiency of which provokes in young children rickets. In the end, of the formation of cholesterol in the liver, bile acids, which are necessary for digesting fats, and this, of course, many mean for normal functioning of all organs.

Protein, Bacteria and DNA

First, a little about our bodies. According to Darwin, we have people in the investigation of periodic errors in code of the simplest organisms of the protein. The principle is simple – the structure of each bacteria implies a clear algorithm development, life and aging. Errors in the replication of the structure of bacteria (mutation) early in the process of evolution allowed the simplest bacteria to change the properties of their structure, and then everything sounds even simpler – the changes of these properties have led to a difference between cells, and as the complexity of the bacteria began to appear protective mechanisms, complex structure of the interaction of cells. If analyzing only the initial stage of evolution, one would grasp its principles and apply them in software development, we would get the program adapts to the needs of man. You may think that it is very difficult to implement.

Nope. Actually very simple. Man is made up of bacteria. Bacteria are composed of DNA and other auxiliary protein material. DNA – it's information environment bacteria, and bacteria is the actuators that is, programs that act on the information environment (and all performed well.) Sometimes, the DNA molecule, for some reason lost (as is the loss of data due to clusters of broken disks, hard disks), and it leads to mutations! In biological machines mutations often do not lead to anything good, because errors during replication lead to failure throughout the system, but when it comes to multicellular organisms, it can sometimes lead to the destruction of the whole organism.

First Aid For Burns

Burn – one of the most dangerous injuries to the body. Factor plays an important role and degree of burn size (household burns, burns, severe). Depending on the level assigned to the appropriate medical care. Burn – this is tissue damage under high temperature or chemicals. They come in four vidov.himicheskie burns, electric burns, thermal burns, radiation burns.

Experts estimate the seriousness of the burn area and depth of damage. What these figures is less than the faster and easier to burn heals. In order to measure the surface of the damaged section, enter the following standard. It is known that the hand of man is a percentage of the surface of his body. To determine the proportion of the damaged surface of the human body decided to allocate 11 segments of 9 percent (the so-called rule of "nines"). So, each arm is 9 percent of the total body, a leg – 18, face and neck – 9 and so on.

Thermal damage to the covers are most common, often accompanied by thermal inhalation injury (TIT), combinations with mechanical trauma. Heat damage includes heating of tissue above the critical level – 45oS. This is accompanied by denaturation of proteins. Tissue damage is the total derivative of heat and is characterized by a view (source) of the thermal agent, the duration of his and thermal conductivity of the tissue. Hydrophilic human skin has a high specific heat and low thermal conductivity (so the skin is overheated very slowly, but slowly and cooled). Thus, thermal damage continues even after, when the thermal agent has been extinguished or removed (this is of great importance in terms of first aid). Dead as a result of the thermal factor superficial tissues are said to burn scab. A slight warming of the skin (up to 60 C) leads to the formation of wet (kollikvatsionnogo) scab. A more significant warming of the skin formed a dense dry (Coagulation) scab. The degree of density and thickness of the crust can be different (depending on temperature, exposure, exposure, etc.) Burn wound – a three-dimensional mass of damaged tissue. On its edge is determined by the congestion zone, and center – the area of coagulation. The intermediate zone – a zone or a zone of stagnation paranecrosis, so named because it becomes a static circulation. As a result, the thermal effect of the microcirculatory bed in this area fixed red blood cells and mikrotrombov. Depending on the depth of destruction are following the severity of burns: I degree (minor burns) – redness, pain and minor swelling of the skin; II degree (mild burn) – severe pain at the site formed a burn blisters filled with fluid; III degree (severe burns) – necrosis and peeling of the skin. Pain with weak or absent, since the nerve endings are destroyed; IV degree (very severe state) – the destruction of not only the skin but also the deeper tissues and even bones. First aid for burns 1. If possible, remove all clothing covering the burned body surface. It can only cut and not removed. 2 burnt place with oil or alcohol. You can not pull anything that is stuck to the surface of the burn. 4. If there are bubbles, puncture, or delete them. Protect their cotton-gauze bandage, taking care not to put pressure on the sore spot, where the fiber wool should be fairly thick. 5. If you have already broken through the bubbles, cover with a sterile bandage them, and put the top layer of cotton and secure. Further to accelerate tissue repair using Polimedel.

The Disease

Seizures occur tetanus always very painful, especially since they are unbearable, the patient remains accompanied by a rise in temperature. In cases of poor prognosis and death of the patient immediately before the temperature rises sharply and may reach 42-43 . The severity and prognosis of the disease are caused by tetanus fast development of clinical symptoms. On this basis, distinguishes the following forms of the disease: 1) fulminant form is characterized by rapid development and severity of symptoms, results in death within 1-3 days, and 2) acute disease, in this form it is possible to recover, and 3) the acute form of tetanus is characterized by slow development of clinical symptoms (for 5-7 days). At the same rigidity of the muscles is less pronounced, seizures occur at fairly long intervals, and their attacks are short, such cases in a timely and proper treatment often result in recovery, and 4) the chronic form of tetanus tend to slow development of symptoms, which reached a maximum, gradually disappear. The disease may last several weeks or months and ends in recovery, 5) local tetanus characterized by the appearance of rigidity of individual muscle groups, which are near the site of tissue injury (atrium), then there is a pulling sensation, sometimes joined by muscle spasms. This form of tetanus occurs most favorably. Complications.

Fairly common complication of aggravating the disease is pneumonia. In the literature breaks recti by convulsions, fractures and dislocations. Diagnosis. Recognition is based on history (for injuries), as well as clinical disease. Differential diagnosis. Must distinguish tetanus from those diseases, which may lockjaw and muscle seizures. Strychnine poisoning may have clinical similarities with tetanus, strychnine poisoning, but there is dilation of pupils, whereas the normal width, they tetanus, convulsions seize mostly the arm muscles, and in the interictal period musculature is relaxed, whereas in tetanus muscles remain in a state of increased tone.

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