Public Health Pain

The research shows that the education in Nursing this not preparing its nurses for the handling of pain. that the professionals had had to develop evaluation methods to determine the elements that can justify pain, suffering and the incapacity, to select the impact of pain in the life of the individual. Consideraes final when we speak in pain, we have trend in associating with a psychic and social phenomenon. Perhaps the crucial point to improve the handling of pain for the nurses is stimulating each time more the theoretical and practical knowledge, carrying through of an evaluation unprovided of preconceptions and taboos, developing in the professionals the magnitude of pain, the reorientation the assistencial model in order to promote in this multiprofessional team to the adjusted formation, raising the support of attention to pain. Word-Key: Pain, Fifth Vital Signal, Assistance of Nursing. PAIN The 5th VITAL SIGN, AND COMMITMENT MULTIPROFESSIONAL Abstract: Date American Society of Pain and the American agency of Research and Quality in Public Health discourse pain the fifth vital signal, which must have the same importance of to other vital signals: temperature, beats, breath and arterial pressure you be evaluated in the environment clinical. Physiological These you process when modified they ploughs easy you be identified, to however pain you donate not have being measured, if not through scales. Pain is daily experience in the health institutions, of work.

The health professionals ploughs the first ones you identify pain, through scales will be evaluation the level of patient pain, to however nor few have access you these methods. Pain is present in 75% of the world-wide population (WHO 2007). Biological, psicossociais alterations, ploughs resulted of the daily Courtyard with pain. Modifying the capacity of concentration, the familiar relationship, the sexual activity and appreciation pessimistic and deprived of hope of the life (Marcelo. Rigotti 2005). Objective of this work is you reflect on the potentiality of pain in the process and change in the assistance model, and of inquiry of the multiprofessional team ahead of the monitoring of pain.