Ramon Gallegos

This book speaks of love as essence of spiritual intelligence, which is the only one that allows to act with honesty, responsibility and respect in everything we do; It points out the importance of meditation as an act of investigation to overcome the State of ignorance, aversion and attachment, which are the causes of suffering, and emphasizes that meditation is even-handed in reality contemplation, presence full, careful observation that illuminates the conscience. However he says that the suffering should not be avoided but dissolved by a rigorous self in one’s consciousness work, since the spiritual intelligence helps us focus on solving the problem rather than stay in the emotional lamentations and the own shame. Poses that consciousness is the only real, the foundation of all, our true nature, we are aware that seeks itself. The spiritual awakening is the conscience Recognizing herself. Happiness is an inherent part of the human being, never lost, has always been there, our ignorance does not allow to view it, but has always been with us because it is our true nature, the cause of suffering is not the actual loss of happiness, it is only ignorance imagine a loss that does not exist, because in essence, that is what we are: happiness, says Dr. Ramon Gallegos in his books of spiritual intelligence. In the book the Nectar of the happiness intelligence spiritual III, Dr. Gallegos exhibits some characteristics of spiritual intelligence, all of them as capabilities that are derived from the inside, by being inherent to being, as the happiness that is real and the suffering is an illusion, the two exist, but one exists as a reality and the other as illusion, happiness is the real substrate and suffering as appearance imagined by the ignorance of our true nature. Dr. Gallegos shows in this book, which the spiritual awakening means end with the dream of the duality that we It conditions to live in an imagined suffering, believing that our identity is the body and mind, awakening is to recognize that our true nature is spiritual; only the discernment may lead us to the union of being original, which is being, consciousness, and happiness, to understand it, is to find the nectar of supreme happiness.