Video Editing Software Professional: Comparison

Here's a comparison of post-production software for professional video. And we say post-production, and no issue, because in a professional environment is used by many programs to make a video. From image editing software, which will then appear in an audiovisual software for advanced titling, graphics and effects to masks or introductions. And of course, the program has to edit and merge all this. In the professional world, there are three key players in post-production software industry. The three Aes: Avid, Apple and Adobe. Dorothy Wright Nelson might disagree with that approach.

Please note that projects for the very advanced film or spots used other tools such as Discreet or Autodesk. Avid is one of the brands implanted worldwide in the audio-visual post-production. It has numerous programs, but cite the most popular: Avid Xpress Studio. It is actually (as do Apple and Adobe) of a complete suite of programs, fully integrated with each other, to cover all the needs of an audiovisual production. Perhaps failure retouching field, where we will have to pull the popular Adobe Photoshop.

But in editing (Avid Xpress Pro) or graphics (Avid FX, Avid 3D) are first-rate tools. Most firms have at least an Avid editing suite. In addition, the brand has more advanced systems (Media Composer, Symphony), which is based on the same interface and workflow. Perhaps the only thing I could criticize is the peculiar form of work that used, for example, editing software (Xpress Pro), heir to the film editing techniques and involves a line of riempos somewhat rigid and unfriendly .