Creative Languages

16 Who to believe and will be baptized will be saved; but who not to believe will be condemned. The salvation will not depend the legal, ritual praticismo more than, of belongs to one definitive people. It is demanded acceptance of who the Father sent, as only Salvador and, consequntemente, the experience of the values left that you, in special way the practical one of the generous, oblativo love. 17 and these signals will follow to that to believe: In my name they will banish the demons; they will say new languages fighting to win all monster the service of the primitive chaos, fighting so that everything and all the ones that for it will be involved, start to live the initial order of the divine creation. ' ' They will say new lnguas' ' , the languages understood for the peoples who say the most diverse languages: the language of the love, the language of the service, language of the oblation. 18 They will catch in the serpents; e, if to drink some deadly thing, will not make them damage some; bilge the hands on the patients, will cure and them. ' ' They will catch in serpentes' ' , facing all type of badly, winning all type of temptation. The drama in the terrestrial paradise, when it was preferred to hear the tempting serpent, and not Creative it, does not have to happen again: Gn 3, lss.

' ' if mortal&#039 had drunk some poison; ' , exactly citizens the all type of temptation, I will be to the side to help, to fortify. The mortal poison will not reach them, ' ' it will not make to them badly. Bilge the hands on enfermos' ' , they will be committed and they will become involved in the fight against everything what it oppresses the human being, ' ' curaro' '.