Pathetic Poetical Versus

Certain day, pathetic, asked the poetical one if it was its brother, poetical that she is all gallant, with air of arrogant nor gave attention sacolejou the shoulders made a well ugly face and answered that not. Pathetic nothing he understood, therefore he thought I obtain &#039 exactly; ' in all poetry I am eu&#039 there; ' And it followed its life ahead, however reluctant in that to accept, poise whenever somebody wrote something poetical it was there Years and years and years and the situation always was equal, poetical it always spoke of love, and pathetic back in the end Poetical of the high one of its pose it started to be abismado, it reflected on its andanas and it perceived that exactly against its will, pathetic always it was to its side. It was then in doubts in what it could be, arrived until and leading in consideration that had been separate to the rising After very thinking, it did not arrive at no conclusion Since it did not have skill decided to accept that situation. Pathetic, that the much time if did not worry about this, it found poetical and it said I have a thing to clarify you. We are not brothers, We are the same thing, that one does not only understand what the other wants to say