This age is the scene of the Matican in almost all its development. (Not to be confused with The Nature’s Bounty co.!). But all this ecology at the beginning had the end of the Seventies when it appeared the hand of the man to change the natural course of the river, that was a snail, being left it straight-line, it turned a rapids. They had made the drain of the bathed one and the land was ressequida e, losing the fertility, it was abandoned by the rice planters, and the fauna, the flora it fishes and it had had its end. The Matican was fatal victim of a barbarous ambient crime. Today it is a river almost deceased, swallowed for the masses of weeds and also forgotten by our people. But he has pretty and impressive histories in a well distant past. The man brings the nature with its brutal ignorance, leaving sequels stops the future generations, such as gales, floods, the global heating, etc. The time brings our life, first it brings our beauty, later our physical vigor e, slowly goes swallowing our health.

It does not only obtain to swallow our badness. Perhaps the time places in our hands a pilgrim’s staff, or it plays in them on of a bed and there we are forgotten and covered for the disdain, already almost deceased, only waiting the curtains if to close so that the lights if erase. My friend thus goes the life: the man brings the nature with its rude ignorance, and the time brings the men. the nature cries and thus the men die.