Stone Wool – More Than Just A Demon

Stone wool provides comfort in many respects insulating materials such as mineral wool offer many advantages. They positively affect the fire and acoustic protection and help sustainably from the effects of fire and noise. Furthermore, these products are extremely durable and contribute to improving the efficiency of the building. They also protect the environment from the harmful effects of buildings. Stone wool insulation are available as felt or plate and used in most cases for insulation between rafters and roof insulation. Another advantage is that the stone wool insulation from the outside has a reflective coating, which prevents a warming or a cooling.

Wool also offers advantages, it is resistant to mold and vermin. In particular, the insulation is completely heat-resistant and also non-flammable, so no toxic gases can develop in the event of a fire. In General reduces the fire hazard in the places where the wool for insulation is used. Mineral wool insulation is also one of the best insulating materials and is therefore particularly like to used. Rock wool insulation has taken basically the same features as the well-known glass wool.

A distinction is made only with respect to the composition of the raw material. Mineral wool insulation has a very high insulation properties due to the air that is trapped in the stone wool fibers and offers optimal heat protection. Heat protection insulation should be the goal of effective roof insulation that heat in a roof long is stored only delayed and can get to a lesser extent in the interiors. This buffering is performed by the heat storage of roof insulation. This leads to the insulation. These target values of the phase shift should be 10 to 14 hours. This means that, for example, the midday heat, which is most intense between 13 and 15, 10 to 14 hours later – so against 23 until 5 o’clock – the interiors is emitted.

Art Rock

Markisches company designed a natural rocky outcrops in the spa and Bath Park Pirmasens in the Pfalz celebrated the opening of the modern spa and Bath Park in Pirmasens at the end of the year. On the sunbathing lawn or in different hot tubs can relax the bather in a pleasant atmosphere and switch off. Here were several companies together around the halls and landscaping, to realize the design of bathing facilities, as well as their technical facilities. The integrated rock landscape extends over a total area of 160 m m and is modeled with detailed artificial rocks made of modified glass concrete natural rock. A company that was commissioned for their planning and design, implementation, and installation. The matching rock landscape is harmoniously integrated into the overall picture.

Hand in hand with the property developers, planners and architects in Pirmasens was detailing the concept for these rocks elaborated and implemented. Gunnar Peterson has many thoughts on the issue. It was considered a primary objective here a welcoming, relaxing and soothing To create the atmosphere for the spa and on the other hand due to the design of the rock formations in the bathing area to achieve a varied broadcasting on the bathers. Staff of markische company RS art rock & decorative elements lined up this task, the company can draw on many years of experience and in-depth practical knowledge in this specialty. With the distinctive red sandstone of the Sudwestpfalz district as a natural model, the artificial rock imitations in design, structure and colour were reproduced faithfully. The artificial rocks are made of modified glass concrete and have been creatively fit in shape and colour to mimic the sandstone down to the last detail. Other aspects were considered in selecting the appropriate arrangement of the rock formations alongside the visually appealing effect.

The artificial rocks are extremely stable hollow and let disappear when appropriate construction equipment or pipe work “behind the scenes”. To these to meet different requirements and each other to reconcile both creativity and flair were in demand on the one hand to achieve the desired visual effect as also technical know-how for the design and craftsmanship when fitting. Contact information: Rene Schneider art rock & decorative elements garden 6 15913 Markische Heide / OT Gross line telephone: 035471 809625 E-mail: company profile: Rene Schneider company art rock & decorative items in the markische Heide it specialises in faithfully reproduce different rock rocks with your distinctive details. The modified glass concrete as base material enables the free design in size and structure with matching colour scheme and thus the detailed imitation of any rock rocks. The company takes all steps of the creative design and detailed planning of the rock landscapes to the production and professional installation of artificial rocks. These are elaborately arranged in numerous Wellness, Spa, spas and resorts. The extensive product portfolio of faithful reproductions of rock in coordinated environment is presented in the exhibition rooms at the company’s headquarters. Press: Phillip of Ward wellness & media aft str. 32 50678 Cologne