Hatake Sakumo

Kakashi – Hatake Sakumo son, referred to as the 'White Fang of Konoha', called a traitor, and committed suicide. Kakashi was a student of the Fourth Hokage, along with Obito and Rin. In one of the tasks Obito awakened syaringan, but later his right-hand half of his body crushed stone. Then Obito gave Kakashi his syaringan. Aburame Shino) – a mysterious and keep their distance and Hinata Kiba partner, heir ninja clan, which enjoys a battle insects. These beetles live in the body and used them as well as all the members of his clan in battle. But in return, beetles eat his chakra and his body is used as a house.

Akimiti Tedzi) – thick or, in his own words, chubby buddy Sikamaru and Ino, using his weight in battle. Almost all the time thinking only about food. Heir to the clan, which specializes in drugs and stimulants. Sabak but Gaara) – the successor Kadzekage post (like hokage) in the village (village of Sand), suddenly becoming a friend of Naruto. Was first introduced to Naruto and his friends on the exam to Tyunina. Very aggressive and nervous.

In battle, use sand, which protects him from any physical attacks, even against his will. Already he was born with sealed it in the Spirit Sands (about as in Naruto was sealed Nine), which gave him incredible strength and an impenetrable protection. He never knew what the injury or pain. Inudzuka Kiba) – ninja fighting together with his dog (Akamaru ( Akamaru Jap.)).