The compliance of a diet to improve individual food preferences and eating habits as a decisive success factors for diet like? The so-called diet compliance specifies how good a man has followed dietary requirements or diet plans. In search of impact factors is asked after the food supply, negative emotional States, social pressure, physical discomfort, and positive activities. We assume that the diet-compliance is particularly high, when people their individual dietary habits and lifestyle only slightly up at all do not need to change. On the other hand the diet compliance would be very low for people who need to change their eating habits and to give up their old lifestyle. Is it a low diet compliance, then the reason, because the person feels a change of his habits as a threat. His intention to change goes to zero. Contact information is here: Anna Wintour. Lack of motivation. One reason for this may lack of earnings expectations in a diet? That he would recognize the consequences of his behavior.

Finally a lack of self-efficacy can slow him down, that he does not trust themselves, to meet the dietary requirements or the diet plan. Ensure that an affected Party still raises the motivation to change his dietary behaviour, there may be several reasons. Psychological decision processes that lead to a healthy diet, so far but little is known about. One such reason may, for example, in the social norm, as are the current ideal of slenderness. A diet with a high dietary compliance should work against this background. It should involve individual food preferences and eating habits, and modelled on the lifestyle of the person concerned. In addition, the social environment in the dietary requirements should be inaugurated and provide social support.

This applies particularly to setbacks in the Diet or in crises. In addition, the diet of must be specifically elaborated plans of action. A plan of action, for example, describes how the daily profile of a diet plan, which must be purchased, as meals are prepared, etc. And especially important: Berezovsky should be actively involved in the development of the diet plan and the planning for achieving the targets.