Educational Programming

In developing the program in its initial phase, had clearly defined goals, according to weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities that manifest the escenarioa where the school would act as well as concerning jurisdiction and the particular case the Tec de Monterrey through its School EGADE idea Administration graduate, both of which I doubt not their directors in the present what todaviaa considered and what to do. a Specifically, we designed a graduate profile on both master the features according to the scenario at the moment (1968) faced in economic, business, political, educational. We defined the importance of not discriminating against professionals from some non-related careers as lawyers, civil engineering, electrical, for example, a interested in the idea management expertise who have provided an introductory course to what degree language courses required for integrate the formal program, as was the case for example of the lawyer Germain Vargas who accept it (do not know if finalized its MA).

Formed the program is considered the core subjects to enable the participant to acquire the necessary knowledge to properly handle the administrative tools in all functions trachea structured administrative system, making emphasis on updated tools, principles that would allow the company effectively manage change and generate , proposals, models required that guarantee operation, growth, development. Is defined that the maximum number of people who should not compose Pueraria cohorts over at least 25 people and 12 in order to optimize the involvement of participants in a dynamic and beneficial in their training.