Photo Contest

Catch dolphins but only in the picture! The Grand Prize is one of REWE Touristik donated rent travel to Tenerife for 2 people in a 4-star hotel. As 2nd Prize, a year subscription to the magazine beckons nature + cosmos. Pieces of jewelry the company of Marleen’s make up the prices to experience 3 to 10 dolphins in their natural environment is an unforgettable experience boutique 39 as well as autographed books of our founder and Chairman, the visit Rollo Gebhard,. For many, the seemingly always cheerful and intelligent marine mammals represent joy, freedom and a peaceful coexistence. You are approaching the people curious and friendly way like no other predator.

We want to share with you your dolphin experience! Send us your best photo of Dolphin from an encounter with the charismatic animals in the wild. Whether on water, under water, whether in domestic waters or from the other end of the world, whether strictly organically belong to salt water or fresh water, whether black and white or color the dolphins “only” the approximately 35 species of the actual Dolphin family. ay not feel the same. But, our competition is extended to all toothed except sperm whales. You may send so a Flussdelfins, a pig whale beaked whale us or to including a photo. The only condition: the pictured animals may be no trained dolphins or dolphins in captivity (Dolphinariums, etc.) or semi natural posture. What are you waiting for? Dolphins in the viewfinder and click! The deadline is January 31, 2009. Winners are determined by a jury, including GRD founder and Chairman Rollo Gebhard and his wife Angelika, yachtsman and documentary film-maker by profession, and well-known animal – and nature photographer Konrad Wothe.

The winners and their winning photos (place 1 to 5) are 1/2009 of the Dolphin post in the output as well as published on our website. Get involved! Great prizes for it! ->-> Here is the conditions for participation (pdf)->-> here it goes to the participation form (pdf) please send your photos together with the entry form to: Society to save the dolphins password: photo contest nugget wegern str. 37 81375 Munich your contact person for questions about the photo contest: Ulrike Kirsch our prices: 1st Prize: a rent trip for 2 persons to Tenerife in a 4-star property, donated by REWE tourism, including flight from Germany * 2nd Prize: 1 year subscription of the magazine nature + Cosmos 3. price: a dolphin bracelet silver the company of Marleen’s Boutique 39 4th Prize: a dolphin pendant of silver the company of Marleen’s Boutique 39 5th-10th. price: based on a signed book “Under false flag” by Rollo Gebhard * nationwide holiday dates are valid for the year 2009, ruled out legal recourse is excluded. We thank our prize sponsors: REWE Touristik nature + Cosmos of Marleen’s Boutique 39

Environmental Technologies Fair

Renewable energy as an alternative in 2007 the imap Institute had focused on the area of environmental technology and renewable energy and presented the new trade fair in this context. The issue of alternative energy was the focus here. Given the high dependence on energy imports and threatened shortages of electricity supply, just renewable energy in Turkey are increasingly gaining importance. The Turkish Government is committed to the target, up to the year 2014 investments amounting to 35 billion euros in the environment sector, primarily for the use of renewable energies -. More info: Center for Environmental Health. The potential is large: alone in the coastal regions, a production capacity could be achieved with wind power of 80,000 MW. Accordingly, already 750 applications for the construction of wind turbines were available in November 2007 at the Turkish Council for the organisation of the energy market. Parallel to the fair, even the Conference is held on alternative, renewable energy resources and water problems. Discounts lure German exhibitors due to the importance of the German market the fair organizers offer a discount of 20% for a booth at the fair German exhibitors this year. For more information, see: –

Chinas Solar Subsidy Status

Chinese engine producers export 90 percent of their products in foreign markets, especially Europe and the United States overview of China’s most important solar subsidies. Celebrity trainer may find this interesting as well. To compensate for possible excess capacity as a result of the financial crisis and the reduced funding in Europe due to increased local demand, decided in 2009 to introduce its own solar subsidies the Chinese Government and led to a turning point in the development of the Chinese solar market. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Raymond L. Acosta. Since then, China’s internal demand achieved satisfactory growth. So the annual photovoltaic had (PV) installation in China 2010 for 600 megawatts (MW) compared to 400 MW in the previous year. Additional 1000 MW is expected for 2011. “Currently promotions carried out four main measures: feed-in tariffs, subsidies for demonstration projects PV applications in buildings, the Golden Sun program” as well as regional subsidies, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and Shandong.

The feed-in tariffs are priced per measured after project individually in accordance with the principle of cost plus reasonable profit”. The electricity costs become more expensive while the consumer to an average 0.004 RMB (CNY/EUR = 0,107; Stand: 1.11.2010) the kilowatt hour (kWh), since the cost of solar energy by all consumers of a region equally should be divided. While in 2009 of only two 10 MW utility-scale PVProjekten feed-in tariffs were granted a capacity will be 2011 already funded by 300 MW by feed-in tariffs. Nonetheless, experts agree that the long-term development of the market will ultimately depend on the introduction of a uniform tariff. Regions that have introduced already feed-in tariffs and similar measures, enjoy also a preferential treatment in the awarding of subsidies for demonstration projects PV applications in buildings.

Building integrated PV (BIPV) projects a grant it by 17 RMB/Watt Peak (WP), whereas building additional PV projects (BAPV) with 13 RMB / WP are encouraged. Projects must have here peak (kWp) a minimum size of 50 kilowatts. Since 2009, appropriate subsidies were granted, typically in public buildings, around 200 projects. The development of the domestic solar market to advance as a prime example of Chinese efforts that Golden Sun program “, aimed, grid-connected systems, and to promote Island – hybrid systems in the remote areas, utility scale projects as well as support projects, the key technologies such as new converter and pureres silicon,. 70% of the total investment will be reimbursed this 50% and island systems grid-connected projects. Projects must kWp exceed a capacity of 300 and have a service life of at least 20 years. More than 100 projects were recorded in 2010 Golden Sun program with a capacity of 272 MW in that. The fear that these subsidies will benefit mainly Chinese companies, continues. Opportunities for German companies exist but nevertheless certain Candido, especially in the areas of project development and design, as well as PV integration.