The Role Of Parents

The field of reading is very important for infants, also key players and first promoters of reading books are the parents. I Introduction: The following article refers to work of parents in shaping the infant reader reader (of their sons and daughters). As noted and observed in our reality that many children and teenagers only interested in visiting the games (network games), watching TV and get off work already done by the Internet to present to the teacher. This makes children and teens lose interest in reading and even lose the creativity and imagination. Smart Sites may also support this cause. This problem is very big on us in all developed countries.

However, the primary objective of this paper is that parents take into account that should help your child (ren) to take reading habits and encourage reading books. Reading should be chosen according to taste and maturity (a) where “parents are the best models of reading to their children.” Proven to be a parent requests to teachers, tips for encouraging their children the pleasure of reading in many educational units in this age of video games (web games), television and the Internet is very difficult for school children and even adolescents themselves seeking information on a library or reading a book in any genre. The reading habit is not easily acquired, but it takes a number of factors interact in the creation of a child for the formation of which we ask. These are the factors that interact in creating a pleasant and comfortable in the formation of the child reader? Responding to that question I have here some factors that should come from the family within which I mention below: a) The presence of books in homes, as well as daily use helps to establish the child has essential links with the habit of reading.