How To Dress A Child

The long-awaited and happiest event in the life of almost everyone – the birth of a baby. But with his appearance there is a lot of new trouble. Many moms and dad, wondering how to dress a baby? I choose to walk, and what to leave for home. And most importantly, how to protect your baby from colds and flu. Parents usually always fear that the child will be cold, but for some reason you forget that the overheating is dangerous for the baby and is harmful to his health.

Identify your child's cold or hot can be on multiple grounds. A sure sign that a baby is cold, is a hiccup. If he hiccups from the cold, you need to pay attention to the selection of the cerebral hat. After all, kids in the first place was freezing his head! Also determine the status of a child can be on the spout. If it is too hot, the kid is hot, and when cold, the baby's need to dress warmer. Normal state is warm nose – its owner is warm and comfortable.

There is quite a convenient scheme to which children's clothes should be. In the room at a temperature of 22 C on a child should be wearing a thin cotton shirt, 21 C – 22 C – single-layer or double layer lightweight clothing, as well as x / b socks. 17 C – 20 C – two-layered clothing, long sleeves, feet woolen socks. 15 C – 16 C – a three-layer clothing with wool socks. When entering the street, it is important to remember that Children's clothing should be large enough, it should be easy to shoot and dress, and she be made of a delicate quality materials. So, when entering the street, is to look at the thermometer, in accordance with weather, you can use the following scheme. Low 23 C – 24 C – a single-layer or double-layered clothing, it can be thin cotton underwear, lightweight suit and panamku. 20 C – 22 C – two-layered clothing, long sleeve, c / b socks. 17 C – 19 C – a three-layer clothing, with a light knitted cap. Temperature 14 C – 16 C – a three-layer baby clothes, do not forget about warm woolen socks and a hat. 10 C – 13 C – four-layer clothing, from 3 C to 9 C – has to be put on five-layer clothing, with two pairs of wool socks. At a temperature of -5 C – +2 C – and five-layer clothing, only from warmer materials. At temperatures below -5 C is put on the child more carefully and to monitor his condition. Now increasingly popular membrane clothing that displays the moisture out, keeping heat inside. The great advantage of such garments is just easy. Children can freely play, run and jump. But children Clothing should be selected taking into account the child's identity. If your kid likes to sit out for a walk in the sandbox or play active games, the clothes should be warmer. Therefore, if a child is such a temperament Membrane clothes he will not do. It will be cool in it. And remember, when your child's dress, which he spends two to three times more energy than an adult. And they have a metabolism is much faster, so do not coddle their kids. For it is overheating children catch cold more often than cold.

Black Chinese Tea

If your grandfather loves tea without additives, will concentrate on classical varieties. In the list below – for some, the "most recognized". But you, of course, can not be limited to: * Black Chinese Tea "Keemun." With a slight taste of wine and pine. One major advantage – a relatively small amount of caffeine. * Indian Black Tea "Darjeeling." Tart taste with nutmeg aroma. Interestingly, this tea is known as yet "Tea Champagne".

* Indian black tea "Assam". Very deep flavor. By the way, he prefers the Queen of Great Britain. If your grandfather does not refuse to try something new, stop your choice on one of the the following teas: * "Mate." Green herbal tea, common in South America. Along with him, by the way, we can present a special drinking vessel – kalabas. * "Earl Grey". Flavoured black tea with oil from the peel fruit bergamot. The name of tea is often translated as "Gray (Grey) Earl," but his real translation – "Earl Grey".

* White tea. Surely, this kind of tea would be "something new" and will be pleased with his grandfather. The more so that white tea has more pronounced healing and tonic properties than green. In addition to tea, and other attributes of good tea is good to give my grandfather a water filter. Then the tea, and all other meals to bring more benefits his health. Very easy to enjoy the cooler. Why do not you take care of signing a contract for regular supply of clean water for my grandfather and installing a cooler in his apartment? Just do not forget to replenish stocks in time and pay your bills! So, if a cup of tea and water, identified, left to think about how you can make a stay at home most convenient.