Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is one of those varieties of cheese that you can not miss the opportunity to try. The feta cheese is a rather neutral flavor, not as strong as they can be blue cheese or Roquefort cheese, but its taste is rather sensitive to the fact finest palates. Feta cheese is a cheese originating in Greece, whence its name and its special fame as special cheese salad accompaniment. As already mentioned, the feta cheese is a cheese originating in Greece and Greece owes its name. Greek Feta in the years of seniority meant “feminine.” This is the name translated into Spanish of feta cheese.

This variety of cheese comes from Greece for thousands of years, as are records of the presence of feta cheese over the period of antiquity, the time when Homer wrote his works that became the ancestral heritage of humanity. Because the feta cheese is a native of Greece, in this land owes its most famous recipe: the combination of feta cheese with Greek salad, they got so famous worldwide. In fact, cheese is used especially for the Greek salad recipe feta cheese is made from sheep, as always and traditionally manufacture is chosen in this region of the Mediterranean. Despite this, the Greek salad is not the only recipe that tastes great with the presence of feta cheese, but there are many other delicious recipes that can be achieved using feta cheese as an ingredient in the best sheep’s milk. Feta cheese can be made from the milk of many types of mammals. So you can find feta cheese made from sheep’s milk feta cheese made from cow’s milk, feta cheese made from goat’s milk.

These are the most commonly used milk for the manufacture of feta cheese, however, feta cheese was traditionally made with sheep’s milk, which by its acid and salt content gives it a unique flavor that no other types different milk sheep’s milk. That is why feta cheese is the most famous in Greece, since there are cared most of all sheep and there is much use of cows for the manufacture of dairy products. You can find both pasteurized feta cheese and fresh feta cheese, that is, made with unpasteurized milk. Although the last of these types of feta cheese is the most delicious while the most nutritious, you also have to be careful with how to take fresh feta cheese and you have to make sure that if it is done with special health care, because raw milk is prone to accumulate bacteria that can be harmful to human health. The greatest care must be taken with the feta cheese is that you keep refrigerated at all times, both transported and consumption at home. We hope that all this information on feta cheese will be useful and that you enjoy your meal with this variety of cheese on your table.