The Survival

The biggest parcel of the people who make this daily passage, searching the proper survival, works in jobs that request man power of low qualification or conquest its incomes in the informal market. Others look the cities of the DF to have access the health and educao' ' (Queirz, 2006). This evidences low the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Entorno, therefore they need to dislocate from its habitual housings to not only look the survival, but also the services of health and education that are not offered in the cities where inhabit, thus generating an overload in the services offered for the high demand of the Entorno, fact that I eat we can observe has its roots in the construction, distribution of the use of the ground and in the urbanization of Brasilia, as it affirms BLACKSMITH and PAVIANI (1985): The migrante population formed slum quarters and encampments in the space in construction. To shelter this population peripheral nuclei to the Plan had been created Pilot, as solution to hinder the disordered growth in the center. It is initiated, then, a process of space selectivity and segregation, that if accents with the coming of new migratory contingents and with the posterior transferences of slum quarters and encampments (BLACKSMITH and PAVIANI, 1985, P. 51).

With regard to the segregation of the Entorno of the DF, Queiroz (2006) it affirms, ' ' One of the forms clearest of if segregating a society is not offering apparatus of basic infrastructure and social equipment in the localities most devoid and of population of low renda' '. The phenomenon of the pendular migration is a signal on that the there resident population and that depends on the services of another locality is being excluded of certain necessary apparatuses for the good functioning of the society. The public politics aiming at the attendance the collective necessities of the people esbarram in the bureaucracy to divide the jargon of responsibilities on the quality of life of the population with the neighboring States without taking in account the influence that Brasilia exerts in the regional and national context since its creation.