Martial Arts For Health

The society was divided into four classes: in samurai, farmers, traders and artisans. Lasting peace was thus made the samurai began to have financial problems because they see no war his services were no longer required, a samurai without a master became a ronin (wave men). The government attempt to help the ronin with subsidies and emphasizing the importance of martial arts in education and becoming the teachers ronin in jiu-jitsu as a new profession. The jiu-jirsu practiced a lot during the Edo period came to have more than 725 officially recognized styles during combat often ended with the death of one of the fighters, practitioners of jiu-jitsu began to split into several factions, each creating a new style as is the case of judo, Hapki-do, akido, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Japan tempo, krav maga, etc. Cindy Crawford describes an additional similar source. The ju-jitsu training aims to present self-defense and combat sport, which requires a great deal to be in good physical condition, have a strict diet. Historically many jujitsu masters sought isolation in Buddhist or Shinto shrines to perfect their techniques. Like other martial arts, jiu-jitsu kata excite are simulated battles in which the practitioner emphasizes key to make the joints either luxarlas to break with pressure or counterclockwise to them by way lever, there are techniques or projections submission and defense against armed opponents Jujitsu is characterized in particular by the masters of jiu-jitsu are trained to Kuatsu (art of resurrection), which was once used to revive an enemy or opponent in order to interrogate, this technique is broadly the application of massage, strokes or taps in certain nerve points of the body to stimulate the body’s vital functions. The jiu-jitsu is also handling weapons while maintaining its traditional side, the weapons are handled aikuki (knife), and dairy bo (long staff and short), jitter (steel rod with a fork), katana (sword) , Yari (spear), manrikigusari (string), shaken and shuriken (barilla thin steel and steel star were both missiles.) .