The Healing

In the first year crop harvested within 2 weeks of W, in the future – up to six months. To plant gave a good harvest in the next season, they need to make resources spent in the roots. It is therefore desirable to mid-June to end cut-off and allow the shoots to grow green “Christmas tree”. All parts of the asparagus by holding asparagine substance named in her honor.

It lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels, improves liver function, relieves swelling and stimulates the metabolism. To use the healing properties of asparagus does not necessarily buy at the pharmacy any extract or extracts of asparagine. enough is itself a vegetable in the form of various delicious dishes. Asparagus is usually not cleaned. However, at large shoots may be hard, “heel” that it is better to cut off at the same time removing and stiff fibers that come from it along the stem up.

The entire flight should bend easily and well. Rand Paul may find this interesting as well. Asparagus cook made – in water or steamed – previously linked into bundles. It is better to take the ribbons as a stalk of parsley, dill, bow. for cooking asparagus are perfect oblong pan for cooking fish. The shoots are placed head to one side, and put the pan so that the fire was under thick asparagus ends, they are cooked longer than the tender head. For cooked asparagus enough melted butter and crackers, but a pinch of sea salt, if it is boiled for a couple and stayed not salty. A very simple statement, which can be given with respect to asparagus: treat her like a cauliflower. All the classic dishes are about the same, including frying in batter, baked in the oven and ointment in a blender, Italians eat one and the other raw in salads, not burdened with unnecessary weight of the French prefer to sink into the cream. Choice – for you. Asparagus – a vegetable delicate, so treat her to be “you”. If you have the patience for it, then cultivate! Before you cook the asparagus, you need to put all the tips of the stems together and cut the bottom so that they are equal. The base of the stem can be very fibrous and hard, it needs to be cut. To determine where to cut, bend the stem slightly, from 2.5 cm from the base and extends to bend until the stalk does not crack. So all the hard part broke off. Source.

The Bed

Bed – a very important piece of furniture. It takes place in the main bedroom and largely determines its style and atmosphere. When choosing a bed please note, not only for its appearance but also comfort. The form of the bed is important for interior, but more importantly, what kind of bed frame and mattress – because you'll spend on it for many hours of sleep! Start with headboard headboard – not just a decorative detail. It serves as a support for the cushions and protects the wall from contamination. Usually, head of the bed a whole, but sometimes it can be removable. In this case, you can pick up the bed (or rather, to the couch) any head to your taste. Classic wrought headboard will complement the successful almost any decor.

Headboard upholstered in fabric, comfortable, and their attraction to enter into the interior. Put on your coat, which can be easily erased. There are many different wooden headboards – from simple board attached to the wall, to the classical models with carved pillars. In the small bedroom is especially practical head-shelf: it avoids the nightstand. Stylish bed today there is a huge variety of models, from simple pine bed to pompous buildings with four-poster and canopy.

You can choose a simple silhouette or an unusual design. Classic bed is not going out of fashion. In some models, emphasizes the form, in others – material quality or cost-efficient design. Recently there was a bed on wheels that can move from one place to another, B, entered the high fashion Japanese mattress that does not have even the legs. By tradition, a mattress synthetic fiber with cotton upholstery stretches over the mat (tatami), but in modern interiors often used wooden base or podium. What size should I choose? A small bed, a large, made by your standards … The choice is yours. Better yet buy a standard-sized bed, since it will be easier to pick up linen. If the bed is made to order, we recommend to calculate in advance how much your bedroom space. The basis of the bed – a mattress to sleep well with you, you need a quality mattress. Are looking for cheap, it can affect your health. Traditionally considered the best mattresses wool, but today the most popular option – sprung mattresses. They are more comfortable and practical. Successful alternative spring mattress – mattress made of latex. This natural hypo-allergenic material follows the curves of the body and not deformed. Recently emerged from a dense foam rubber mattresses. They are strong and absorbent. The frame usually made of wood, as it has some flexibility and allows the mattress to breathe. Current models Bed with adjustable height and tilt. You can put a taller head or feet, depending on the position of the bed.

New Year

In our Palace New Year's holidays are often held in the hall area of 600 sq.m. Of course, if this is a children's Christmas holiday, the halls are chosen smaller. Admiring the interior, do not forget to pay attention to technical aspects: the air conditioning system, furniture, soundproofing, acoustics, functionality of the hall, the ability to zoning, etc. The infrastructure of the building must include special areas for technical services staff. The clatter of dishes, food odors, noise and bustle is not an adorn the Christmas holidays.

Our experience in the New Year shows that the technical ladder, rooms for catering, make-up toilets, showers for actors – things are just necessary. By the way, parking attendants, too, must be separate. Where better to contrive an New Year – in the heart of the city, or where the road is quieter? AD: It is unlikely that anyone will want to go to the outskirts. Of course, traffic jams and a festive mood can easily spoil. Ideally, if the building will be located in the heart of the city, but in a fairly quiet place, free from the clusters of machines. That is, during the Christmas holidays it is desirable to combine both factors.

Oh, and very important to consider how things stand there with public transportation. Let us take our palace: it is in the heart of the city, near the arrow Vasilevsky Island, in a very attractive place – on the riverbank. In this way we have not scored plugs are practically free at any time of day, traffic intersection is very convenient.