Mortgage Options

What should I know and the borrower? Choosing a mortgage program, you should not rely solely on the minimum interest rate – taking into account the additional costs it may be much higher than had been declared in the ad promises. The Bank may change the percentage discount rate taking into account the individual characteristics of each borrower! Each bank operates a computer program that calculate: how much money you can lend to a specific person (income, age, credit history, etc.) and what percentage of the loan from this particular person to take. All of 'pure concrete' – with the same salary (one and the same income) in one bank can be obtained on credit one amount, and in another – completely different, much different from the first. Conclusion – Brainstorm the maximum number of credit offers! Require creditor bank written confirmation of consent to the provision of credit. Get all the numbers in writing, in the form of credit, commercial proposals. And you are comfortable and the bank is good – both sides are clearly imagine the details of the credit transaction.

Not to finalize the purchase of an apartment without a professional technical expertise and diligence. Any statement seller apartments should confirm documented, do not forget – the seller the person concerned. Pay special attention to checking 'purity law' apartment. It is very frustrating to find that the newly acquired apartment is registered (registered) unknown to you who lives in the same somewhere Nedalny abroad. And you and the bank it does not bring joy! Do not sign any documents without first carefully examine them.

There's an old rule clerk: "Do not podmahivay!" Believe cautious bureaucrats, and will not sign anything without first reading it carefully, and without consulting with a lawyer. The consequences can be unpleasant and unpredictable! Be sure to keep a diary of the process of obtaining and repaying a mortgage, and carefully collect copies of all documents. The rule is simple: 'the more paper – the purer the ass! " Human memory is, unfortunately, is not perfect, but good archive of documents on the transaction will rescue you always. I wish you success and happiness in your new apartment. With new home!