Hair Extensions

Many devotees of contemporary fashion goes from beauty to anything, as increasing the master refused to do the procedure on their hair. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Rand Paul has to say. And there are plenty of reasons that are clarified in the diagnosis of each hair individual client. You can get hair extensions, only if your hair is long, not less than 5-7 see if your natural strands shorter, no modern machinery and apparatus for hair extensions you do not assistants. During hormonal disruptions, pregnant women and teenagers are very thin hair and brittle, so it is worth considering whether the people of the categories listed building. The fact that the procedure can damage the hair.

True, some experts, by contrast, believe that the locks will be accrued to develop the muscles of the head and improve the hair structure. Each artist who trained hair extensions will say that forbidden to carry out the procedure for people who carry out a course of chemotherapy. It is necessary to give up on hair extensions, if you have different scalp sensitivity. In addition, the hair is forbidden people suffering from vascular dystonia in her a strong manifestation. Not listening to the prohibitions, the effects of hair can be disastrous. African braids for African braids contraindications less. You can weave synthetic hair – kanekalon the sale of which is always in beauty salons, in the presence of native hair short as 3 or 4 cm, however, if you are ill, vegetative dystonia should be cautious, and may even postpone the braiding until better times.

When you create an African braids, not so much critical thickness of your hair and their health. So you can afford to build for the hair, even when Bleached hair strands or permed. Hair braiding and afrokosichek depends on the master, who will spend it. So you should give your hair only in the hands of highly qualified specialist, who will keep you from building if it is contraindicated in you, and competently perform the procedure, if your hair is completely ready.

Secrets Of Youth

Why spend a fortune on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, if you hide your age can be a lot easier and cheaper? Secrets of Youth: Right to sleep and wake up pillow. For those who like to sleep on their stomachs, have to give up this harmful habit for the exterior. The fact is that if you sleep with his face buried in a pillow, you can not help cut the blood supply in this area. If to do this regularly, to make risk wrinkles and folds ahead of time. In addition, the friction of the skin tissue injures, so select the softer pillow – from satin or silk. Cream. There is a little beauty secret that can rejuvenate you for one night. At bedtime apply on face cleansing cream night, and put a thin layer on top of any cream mask that hardens a thin film, and then removed in the morning.

Note to owners of dry skin. Before drawing any means – whether Cream of wrinkles or cellulite gel – draw on the skin with wet hands, then apply moisturizer. Through this technique cream faster and better absorbed into the deeper layers of skin. Moisture. If you are not fond of cream, can replace them others nekosmeticheskie funds. For example, a simple towel. Greatly dampen it, place it on the night of the battery and get a homemade humidifier, which will help your skin to recover better during sleep. Shower. Use a sponge, loofah special every morning.

International Agency

Even the peasant scarves tied in the summer so that only her eyes visible. A person's body tried to hide most of the sun. Not by chance that our grandmothers and great grandmothers was a fashion accessory old umbrella, a hat, including men. So who is the main enemy of the DNA damage your skin? It turns out that the free radicals. They accumulate in the body due to many reasons. But largely as a result of UV exposure sun. Ultraviolet radiation is invisible, and have varying degrees of skin damage. The most important are UVA UVB and-radiation.

UVB rays penetrate the upper layers of skin and are the primary cause of burns and some cancers. UVA rays can penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. They cause long-term consequences – the appearance of wrinkles, discoloration or changes in color and coarse skin. Not exclude the emergence of melanoma (the most dangerous form of skin cancer). To protect the skin from these effects, we use a variety of sunscreen. However, there is a misconception that sunscreens with high protection factor SPF protect DNA from damage. But in fact, the level of SPF allows a certain degree of efficiency to block UVB rays. A considered less dangerous UVA rays are more dangerous because penetrate much deeper into the skin, bringing the more serious DNA damage and other skin texture.

But not so bezishodno. Recent advances in the search for ways to restore the skin allow the use of broad-spectrum sunscreen action. This protection from stressful due to the penetration of the skin as UVB and UVA rays, allow the skin to perform the functions of regeneration of cells. And antioxidants have gained in zschitnyh creams, can neutralize free radicals and DNA damage to warn. What else should keep in mind to protect your skin? The safest approach – to minimize sun exposure, especially from 10 am to 16 pm. Going out at any time year-round, even on an overcast day, be sure to put on the skin sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF level of at least 15. Toplis say-tan in age from 22 to 24 years. Before and after not rekomendutsya as UV rays stimulate tumor growth. But if you like tanned body, it is better to use tanning facilities, or that give the body a bronze sheen. But be aware that using these tools does not preclude the application of sunscreens. International Agency for Research on Cancer ukazyaet in direct relation to young people sunbathing and tanning salons occurrence of melanoma mortality rates. In the end, it is desirable to wear clothing covering the legs, arms, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses solntsezschitnye and other ways of protection from direct sunlight. Let's not forget that health is always in your hands.

Smokey Eyes: Step By Step

So, at the request of readers publish the article, what is the Smokey-Eyes, and how to paint the eyes in this way. 'Smokey Eyes' makeup is called a dark, smeared the frame out of the shadows and eyeliner around his eyes. This technique gives the make-up look incredible depth by contrast white of the eye and dark shadows, which provides the iris. So, all that we need to look perfect – it's crisp shadow applicator or brush, eyeliner and mascara Lash. The key to flawless makeup – corresponding to each color. You must be sure that the colors that you use, ideally suited to each other. It is best to choose two shades of one color (light gray and almost black), but you can experiment: a soft gold with dark purple, the color of champagne with a bright blue or peach with deep green.

I suggest you step by step instructions for beginners to the famous Hollywood makeup artist Bobbi Brown. After learning how to paint in black tones, it will be possible to try and colors brighter. Step 1. Apply a white shadow or injury to all eyelid. Step 2. Choose a soft, smoky color and apply it to mobile eyelid to fold. Step 3. If you apply the shadows a few times, the color becomes more pronounced.

For more intensity, cover the top a darker shade for the color you chose for your makeup. Step 4. Concentrate on the folds of the eyelids. Apply a shadow just a little more mobile age, to achieve dramatic effect. Step 5. Shade transition between shades of the fingers. Step 6. Apply a liner, dark eye shadow or eyeliner on outer to inner corners of eyes. Step 7. Shade line so that it was a bit smeared. Step 8. Spend the arrow and also under the eye from outer to inner corner. Step 9. Make a slightly thicker the arrow, as far as length of the lashes. Step 10. Smear the line clean fingers or a cotton swab. Step 11. The arrows were kept longer, apply another layer of shadow brush. Step 12. For a better view of feather line. Or is it possible to put a little bit thicker. Step 13. For a more expressive again put shadows, layer by layer, until you reach the desired effect. Step 14. Enjoy the result =) Beautiful eye and attention of men =)