Secrets Of Youth

Why spend a fortune on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, if you hide your age can be a lot easier and cheaper? Secrets of Youth: Right to sleep and wake up pillow. For those who like to sleep on their stomachs, have to give up this harmful habit for the exterior. The fact is that if you sleep with his face buried in a pillow, you can not help cut the blood supply in this area. If to do this regularly, to make risk wrinkles and folds ahead of time. In addition, the friction of the skin tissue injures, so select the softer pillow – from satin or silk. Cream. There is a little beauty secret that can rejuvenate you for one night. At bedtime apply on face cleansing cream night, and put a thin layer on top of any cream mask that hardens a thin film, and then removed in the morning.

Note to owners of dry skin. Before drawing any means – whether Cream of wrinkles or cellulite gel – draw on the skin with wet hands, then apply moisturizer. Through this technique cream faster and better absorbed into the deeper layers of skin. Moisture. If you are not fond of cream, can replace them others nekosmeticheskie funds. For example, a simple towel. Greatly dampen it, place it on the night of the battery and get a homemade humidifier, which will help your skin to recover better during sleep. Shower. Use a sponge, loofah special every morning.