Stretch Marks

To be able to remove stretch marks first we should know that they are or which is the cause of its formation. Stretch marks are caused by sudden stretching of the middle and inner layers of the skin due to pregnancy, puberty and rapid growth, also by the increase or decrease of weight or muscle mass. When there is a breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres, the skin is weakened and they become susceptible to chronic scarring than like an old elastic band to lose its elasticity. another description is scientific: stretch marks are atrophy skin in the form of lines winding of whitish or fingernails, localized in the skin.They are preferably located in the wall of the belly, hips, buttocks, legs, thighs, arms, back and breasts.It is characterized by excessive fibrosis located in the form of strings in response to the breakdown and poor quality of the previously existing fibers. When form, are from color violet, tells us that the dermis has even blood. If then are pink, It also has risk.When there is no blood risk are Pearlescent color. There are two types of stretch marks: Striae Distensae called albicantes lines observed in pregnant women, in obese patients who have lost weight drastically and in diseases like nephritic syndrome and ascites. Purpura or purple streaks of purple or dark red that are a characteristic sign of Cushing’s Syndrome by excessive production of cortisol (hypercortisolism).

They can be also created by the prolonged consumption of corticoids pharmacists. Many dermatologists believe that hormones may also play a role in which affect the skin’s ability to cope with sudden and prolonged stretch to prevent the formation of stretch marks from pregnancy, treatments will tend to maintain and increase the elasticity of the skin, since the beginning of the same, applying cosmetic products that include in their hydrolysates composition of elastin, extracts of placenta, amniotic fluid, extracts from plants such as the quisetum (horse tail), algae, etc., by means of massages that stimulate the dermal circulation and the penetration of the active principles. Prevention is always better, so we must take action and very seriously to prevent the problem before the effects are manifest, for example, can maintain a well balanced diet and avoid skin dryness-causing foods such as processed, packaged and frozen, due to its high content of sodium, caffeinated drinksalcoholic beverages. At the end what we should look for is a root solution to the problem. If we want to eliminate stretch marks permanently when the problem has already occurred, then it is advisable to first test with natural methods, before thinking about surgeries and other methods that include invasive procedures that can multiply the problem.

Special attention should be put to the diet, since the best thing in these cases, is attacking the problem of stretch marks, from the inside outwards. Foods rich in vitamins A, C, D, and Zinc are recommended to help to prevent the occurrence of these annoying skin markings. Vitamins A, as well as drinking plenty of water may help curb the appearance of stretch marks since the water in addition to nourish the skin serves to stretch it and how stretch marks are a tearing of the skin, this will be very helpful. The tips that you find everywhere ranging from rub you until the pork fat straight from the animal until the surgery, among others, that might be just as scurrying here! You will find an effective solution to be able to help prevent and eliminate the stretch marks!