Not only are apparently still in the direction of our ancestors, but now we have pledged, mortgaged ourselves to follow this path, regardless of the wisdom or the increase of evidence that indicates that we have perhaps made a mistake! Let’s take another example, weapons of destruction. Now, fear has been with us since the moment that fell from the trees and started walking on two legs, and fear has been a powerful motivating force for humanity. It could be said that technological advancement was first the discovery that the bones, a bone would increase the chances of survival, a weapon would be useful we realized.That was the beginning of a path that has led us to such powerful weapons and with enormous destructive force that we now have the ability to destroy virtually all life on Earth in fact, a lot of progress, no? There are some indications that we are starting to learn tolerance and that we could perhaps is not correct, but these advances have been very late in coming and the intolerance remains much. One further example of our fear are not conflicts of religious faith?
BR>For example, if you are a Christian and believes or feels in his heart that Jesucristo was the only Messenger of the then great God, I am very happy for you, but if you will only feel safe if everyone agrees with you, then I must assume that you are very sure of their own faith. Conversely the same is true for all religions on this planet. Because, and because of our technological advances increasingly are now quickly running to the ever-increasing speed towards .. For what? Peace on Earth? A brotherhood of man in the world? The understanding of the incredible delicacy and the interconnection of our planet and all forms of life that we share with?Unfortunately the answer to the above is that not and that, in fact, a species more like a monster without driver and very dangerous at full speed as the road completely out of control.