According to Aberastury (1981), the adolescent has a critical attitude in general front to the external world and front to the adults. Jim Hackett is often quoted on this topic. The internal world that was developed through the identifications with the parents, professors, or substitute figures of both serves to it of linking for the entrance in the external world and to mean new behaviors, in consequence of its change of papers. In this characteristic of the adolescence the paper of the family and the society practically becomes everything impossible for the young, therefore something imposes it already formed by them and that it tends to be followed. The young starts to feel itself limited in these searches, goes then the search of so waited ‘ ‘ world of adultos’ ‘. From this moment of discovery the adolescent does not agree to some things such as: alimentary standards and of modismos, social religiosidade, movements, etc. Have knowledge of the social fights unchained by young what it makes to arise the reformador spirit still more and are felt capable to change the world. For Aberastury and Knobel, ‘ ‘ in the measure where the adolescent does not find the way adjusted for its vital expression and the acceptance of an accomplishment possibility, it could not never be an adult satisfeito’ ‘ (1989, P.

54). Consideraes Final When elapsing of the studies that we carry through to elaborate this work, it was possible to perceive great quo is important to the presence and the support of the family in the life of an adolescent, therefore this is the phase where many changes occur and appear many doubts and distrusts, and at this moment it is primordial that it if feels received and respected well. How much to the adolescent who decides to become homosexual, we notice that some explanations for such attitude exist, as for example, the lack of one of the parents who finish despertando related edpicos desires to the only paternal figure that is present, however the personal opinion of the group is that the sexual option of any individual, either adolescent or adult it, is not what will go to measure its character and its capacity to relate if of sociable form, being thus arrives the consensus of that the society also has a paper importantssimo fulfilling, because in the truth what it composes they are the individuals and the norms that are part of the same one, that is, it fits to each one to make its part respecting the other choices of independent of its proper opinion. as already we previously stand out the support of the family is of utmost importance, therefore is inside of the familiar seio that the person learns to live in society, respecting the right of ‘ ‘ to go and vir’ ‘ the free will of each one. We consider despite any individual before being homosexual is person, is citizen and as all have its rights and duties. Bibliographical references Souza, T.

Ed Brazilian Civilization

Exactly knowing of the risks the health, this practical still is stimulated by the friends and girls who make certain requirements for the body perfect, many times inspired in youthful novels and the magazines of fashion. It does not have doubt of that the practical one of physical exercises is important for the development of the adolescents and the maintenance of the aged adults and, so that they can have a healthful life. The orientation must be made by a qualified professional and an academy duly enabled to supply the necessities of the individuals that they consider the training. However, the physical evaluation and the ticket for a doctor to initiate a good training are indispensable. Valley to point out that miracle does not exist, the desired body takes time and the good form not only requires a continuous training and ‘ ‘ fevers of vero’ ‘.

They still exist ‘ ‘ atletas’ ‘ of weekend, individuals that lead a sedentary weekly life and to Saturdays or sundays play soccer, make walked, walk of bicycle or any another sport, however this practical can generate risks the health, why in the greater part of the times does not have accompaniment of a professional. She has a difference in the reality of each individual, that is, each person must adapt optimum it for its life. Remembering the Greek philosopher Aristotle who teaches in them: ‘ ‘ The virtue is in the way termo’ ‘. It wants to say: everything in the certain measure, without suffering and with pleasure in the life that lead and the body that has.


The orientation must break of administrators and lawyers of the institution for a bigger clarification of the collaborators. What new areas of services are being searched for the organization? – Implantation of the laboratory of computer science (update of professionals of the education and pupils) 1.2 Conscription of people Who procedures of conscription of professionals the organization adopts? Election: – Competition, interviews, period of training, indication and resume. The conscription and the election of staff are two processes used for suppliment of two demands, proceeding from the company and an other of the worker, for act of contract of professionals for positions in an organization. These processes generally are carried through by people qualified, and involved in the area of Human resources. In few words, to enlist is to look a set, of bigger possible number of people whom they supply to the necessity of fulfilling of a position, in accordance with the planning of human resources. To select is to choose between these people, the potentially capable one to occupy the position in question (CHIAVENATO, 2005).

After the individual to be selected for the organization, is necessary to review where it will go to give its services. One is about decision object, therefore in any instance of the health management it has areas that greater or minor urgency determined professional categories needs with, with more or less prerequisite. It has that if to search the place most adequate for diligent data, in one determined organization, in view of its efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness. The processes of conscription, election, act of contract and capacity will be based on the ethical principle of the transparency and the free access to all the interested parties. The institution it must have instituted a process of sizing of staff, considering the necessities of the institution, the magnifying of the services and the reality epidemiologist; The institution will have to work next to the MEC to guarantee the suppliment due of the decurrent vacant of: retirements, resignations, deaths and others; The institution will have to work next to the MEC to guarantee the maintenance of the sizing of staff; The processes of conscription and election of workers will occur in accord with the Direction of the institution and the Secretariat of Education.

Coast Axe

To say that it does not have right to the antecipatria guardianship against the Public Farm in case of established damage distrust it is the same that to affirm that the right of the citizen can be injured when the Public Farm he is r.’ ‘ Alvim career 7 alleges that not to admit the anticipation of the guardianship, on account of the double obligator degree, in the causes against the Public Farm, would also compel the not admitiz one it, for the same reason, in the causes against the particular ones where it had received voluntary resource in the returnable and suspensive effect. More ahead, following the same reasoning, Alvim Career, with property tells: In some hypotheses, the guardianship order is directed to the proper preservation of the life human being, as in the not authorized transfusions of blood for familiar for religious reasons, or in the authorization for amputation of a member of a person, where, being indispensable the surgery, it if refuse of – there; in others, to the maintenance of the health of the interested party, as it occurred in the release of the blocked Cruzados, for ends of medical treatment or urgent operations e, in others, to the survival of the insured, as in the restoration of previdencirio benefit, given the alimentary character of the revenues. Of this ‘ ‘ lado’ ‘ , we still have the positioning of Antonio Claude of the Coast Axe 8, that it supports that the double degree of obligator jurisdiction for the sentences, contrary to the public interest is not barrier to the emission of interlocutory judgements against the State, but only one guarantee of that, having a favorable sentence it, this necessarily will be reapreciada by a court. It still supports, Humberto Theodoro 9 Jniors that, given to the existing difference between anticipated guardianship and the writ of prevention, one has understood that the particular one, observed the requirements of article 273, the CPC, it has right to get, provisorily, the effect that would only happen of the final judgement of merit, exactly in face of the Public Farm, having the exception of Nelson Nery of that it cannot have breaking to the writing of article 100, of the Federal Constitution.


Netto Rabbit was the sufficient to conclude that the prestige of the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro is not only international, but yes interplanetary: ‘ ‘ a thing is certain: extraterrestre’ exists a tricolor community; ‘. (Source: RABBIT NETTO, Pablo. The Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro in the privacy. Rio De Janeiro: Borsoi, 1975. v.

3, P. 6, 47-8.) Nelson Rodrigues Is impossible to speak on famous tricolores and to leave of side ‘ ‘ angel pornogrfico’ ‘. 30.11.1980, end of the Carioca championship, Of the state of Rio de Janeiro x Vasco. To the 68 years, Nelson Rodrigues was very sick. Sedado for countless remedies, did not obtain to remain itself waked up for much time. But, exactly thus, it was forbidden to attend the soccer games. In special of Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The heart would not support, nor a victory, nor one defeats, nothing.

Its son, however, was not forbidden Then, dribbling the medical recommendation, Nelson Rodrigues Son he combined with the father: he would hear the game in radinho of stack and would count to the father the course. What to make in the case of a defeat? This age the risk. To the 22 of 2 time, Edinho marks for the tricolor. The son nor had courage to count of – it that he suffers a turn. contained this notice until the final whistle. As the father slept of time in when, although the game already to have finished, the son managed the information, first saying that it left the goal and, after a time, that the departure finished. Nelson was euphoric very beyond what the doctor would admit and wanted to write a chronicle. It did not obtain, the keyboard keys of the typewriter ran away to the fingers. The son typed for it. ‘ ‘ Champion inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro demais’ ‘ , he left in the Globe of 02.12.1980. In the dawn of 21.12.1980, after seven cardiac arrests, entered in eat and died of trombose, cardiac, respiratory and circulatria insufficience.