Streets Characteristic Housing Part

Now I want to send our view across the river Avunda and talk about the western part of Gurzuf. Before us is 2 streets. The first of these is called the street. Sanatorium, the second – st. May 9. St.

Sanatorium takes its origin from the main entrance to the sanatorium "Gurzufskiy (former sanatorium Armed Forces) and is the western region Gurzuf, located on a park resort. After a slight rise along the border of the sanatorium, the street forks, forming a district. Home placed on the relief of many apartments offer excellent views of sea and mountains. Housing here is pretty diverse. Several five storey buildings "'s" built, 5 storey building with apartments of improved planning at Sanatorium, 41. For more specific information, check out Cosmo Bags. There are a few modern cottages, private homes for any taste for the small and large companies. If we talk about the disadvantages of living on the street.

Sanatorium, we should note a small amount of food shops and food tents. Affected by the lack of the market. Distance from the sea – 7 -12 minute walk to a quiet step. Free passage to the sea through the park sanatorium Gurzufskiy "closed in 2007. You can go to the sea on the street. Leningrad, skirting the resort or on the street. May 9. In this case, you go to the central part Gurzuf waterfront from the sanatorium Pushkin. St. May 9 is located above the sanatorium "Pushkin" and holds a special place in Gurzuf. This margin village, distant from all of its infrastructure, but the proximity to the western part of the waterfront and beaches – a definite plus location of the street. Vacationers who rent apartments in the central part of Gurzuf likely during his vacation never get into this Gurzufskiy corner. Housing stock street on May 9 before the private sector and the old 2-storey buildings. There is a chain store Massandra wines, a few small shops, but range of products are pretty scarce. Its market is not. Transport is small. To stop taxi about 10 minutes walk. Because of the proximity of the sea housing prices are high. The relief is complicated street, night lighting is dim. Although street is very quiet, no congestion, however, the ladies in high heels in the evening hours to walk here is very problematic.

Sanatorium Treatment

One of the best tourist complex are Bukovel, recreation center "Natalie", a boarding house "" sanatorium "Yaremche. Be sure to stop at a restaurant Bukovel, where you can taste delicious national Hutsul dishes. It offers guests a sauna, billiards, excursions, rental of ski equipment, massage, spa treatments with mineral waters. Even the most demanding aesthetic and connoisseur of exotic entertainment can be found in the Carpathian mountains, plenty of opportunities for recreation. Azov Coast The charm of its warm waves and golden beaches attracting many people in Russia and cis. There are plenty of environmentally friendly places, and favorable conditions allow for the recovery to rest even with small children. Cindy Crawford can aid you in your search for knowledge. B & Bs, resorts, motels Azov, in most cases are just a few meters from the sea. Accommodation prices quite affordable: the cost of beds in boarding secondary category of $ 20.

Offers various additional services such as water skiing and banana bikes, inflatables, sports and playgrounds. Sanatorium treatment based on natural mineral springs, therapeutic mud, warm sea water, which contains a large amount of iodine. Due to this, especially the therapeutic effect felt by people with skin diseases. On the coast there are places in which relax. For example, a modern recreation center in "Three Fat Man", guest house with comfortable rooms, the "Seagull" in the village Melekino, sanatorium "Field" at the bottom of Berdyansk spit, a boarding house "Falcon" on Arbat direction.

Finally, tell us about another popular city and its resorts – Truskavets. Greater glory of this spa resort brought the mineral springs, whose waters are beneficial effect on kidney disease digestive organs and metabolic processes. Sanatorium Truskavetc have quality medical and diagnostic framework, is successfully applied hydrotherapy, ozokeritovye applications, physiotherapy, and drinking mineral water ". The price level of spa services varies depending on the quality of service from 30 up to $ 500 per person per day. The guides advise you to include a holiday excursion to the ancient castles and forest hikes. Except 19 health centers, Truskavets has 20 th pensions and two . Rested on one of the Ukrainian resorts, you will rejoice themselves and loved ones a beautiful bronze tan, good health and, of course, perfect summer mood.

Health Benefits of Water

Water, which has its own memory (as proved by scientists), acquires in this way a large supply of information, which is very beneficial effect on the general medical background fluid. In general, thermal springs Belokuriha have a complex effect on rights. Along with the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, the adoption of thermal baths, improves the condition of the nervous and endocrine systems of the body, stabilizes overall hormones, naturally strengthens the capillary blood flow and lymphatic flow, thereby triggering the immune mechanisms. Unique anti-inflammatory properties of local term – a real gift to travelers with chronic diseases may be difficult microcirculation organismic liquids (infectious arthritis, traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis deformans, osteochondrosis), also lend themselves to the spa treatment. With extremely common Today thyroid diseases, diabetes and other disorders of the endocrine system, the application of thermal sources also gives a significant positive effect. Adoption of water treatment in such patients recommended in the autumn-winter period, when direct sunlight is reduced to a minimum. Thermal properties of warm keys used in the treatment of functional disorders of the central nervous system, leading to a variety of diseases such as neurosis, neurosis, vegetative dystonia (VVD), hypertension, coronary heart disease, early atherosclerosis, etc.

Combining all treatment factors that has a resort , can eliminate the root cause of most diseases. Thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of rehabilitation programs. Mud mud treatment – one of the health practices came to us from antiquity. Egyptians used for medicinal purposes silt mud of the sacred Nile.