Answer Stress

Deficiency of vital energy, its causes and consequences for health. Among the factors listed above are as calls from outside and internal requirements. They make you get stuck on problem, and thus you pile on too heavy a load – thoughts, chaotic rushing about in my head, brain overload, take away power. The question arises, that vital energy, has always been enough for normal functioning of the body. Otherwise, we face problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome, characterized by loss of strength, mental depression, reluctance to take initiative and engage in general any activity. Fatigue – a shortage of energy. If it occurs after a short stint – a signal to what the body needs rest, that is energizing. If not, the body begins to produce crashes, frantically signaling their needs.

If a person is constantly in excessive stress, his body reacts to stress related symptoms – such as anxiety, inner restlessness, irritability, headaches, heart palpitations. Nervousness, dizziness, a state of fear, etc. Extreme manifestation of the organism's reaction to the constant stress is a disease that made called psychosomatic. They can be very different – from intestinal disorders to heart attack, due to the source of the stress state and the nature of its impact. All this is possible to resist, but to better themselves such reactions do not lead.

After all, no one person can not long endure these pressures, and sooner or later, the stress will affect overall psychological state, giving rise to questions: how to find peace of mind, how to start enjoy life, how to gain self-confidence, as finally to overcome stress? Modern methods of self-regulation. And the answer to all these questions is actually one, and it is very simple: We must learn to stop your thoughts. For what to do it and why, because our brain – the most advanced computer, created by nature itself.