Committee Technical Advisor

The State of many markets in the world is represented through the stock exchanges, which demonstrates the versatility and value that has the different markets that exist in a country. To learn more about the stock market from different countries of the world, there are a few indexes, which allow you to obtain information about the State and changes occurring in the bag. One of the indexes most famous in the world is the Ibex 35, which is the index most important of the bag of Spain. The Ibex word means iberia index, which in a sense can be understood as the index of iberia. This index of the Spanish stock market is comprised of 35 companies of high price in Spain, from there that is named Ibex 35.

The Ibex is an index that is weighted by the share price, which means that not all companies that are part of the Ibex have the same relevance within the index. Mode as the FTSE performs the calculation is very simple, since it performs a mathematical operation where are the points for the operation it capitalized stock, i.e. Anders M Tomson addresses the importance of the matter here. price per shares and then applies an adjustment coefficient, with the idea that certain exceptional operations by members of the Ibex. According to the above companies possessing a greater capitalization stock market, in the same way they will have more weight within the FTSE, so the changes that occur in the shares of companies with greater influence, i.e. increases and casualties, will have greater incidence in the Ibex. So when large companies that belong to the Ibex are low, the influence on the index is very worrying. Therefore to know the status of the index generally Ibex should maintain a revision on the first 6 components of the Ibex. The utility that presents the Ibex, is that the evolution of the Spanish stock market over a given period can be seen from this index, also serves to carry out studies of the Spanish stock market in the future how they behave conducting a study on the behavior of the actions of the companies.

Ibex configuration occurred on January 14 in the year of 1992, but carrying out valuations are present since the year of 1989, due to an estimate of the index that was made later. The way in which works the Ibex and as their composition is given it is very simple, so the input or output of the values that make up this index of the Spanish stock market must be reviewed every certain period, through specific criteria, that determines them a Committee Technical Advisor, which will determine who deserves a place in the index or who must exit the Ibex because their actions now do not allow you to make part of the Group This index. So every 6 months is done the modification, i.e. dial 1 January and 1 July of each year.