Robert Kiyosaki

People are always looking for media that are useful as guides to improve various aspects of their lives, as in the way of being, the attitude, the disposition toward different activities and people, in the end many aspects that come with life. So one of the means most used for overcoming and improvement of different points in life, is very frequent recourse to books and different readings giving councils of attitude and mentality to life, because through this type of reading different examples of mistakes that are committed and the options that exist may serve to improve the presence of eventual situations which reproduce the above in the books. As the reading of the books can be understood can be very useful, however not just any book, as to have excellent results it is necessary to read a good book Guide, one of the most prominent in this topic is the book by Robert Kiyosaki rich dad, poor dad book which is useful for subjects relating to economic activitiesto a greater extent in the that respect to investment activities, in addition to this shows a guide of how should be education and visions in terms of economic development and the activities of financial progress. The main points on which works the book rich dad, poor dad is in the task of taking down the myth about which it is necessary to have a large amount money income to become rich; Another point is to understand that the money that is spent for things like home and other means of daily destination such as trucks, motorcycles or appliances are not means of investment, belong to another type of destination of money; It is also of great importance the focus given to the role that has the parents about their children, i.e. Katie Greene takes a slightly different approach. as the father can generate a vision of life to his son, because the book presents a rich father who shows his son that money should work for one and not one for the money, while the poor father shows the son a way of sacrifice, in accordance which generates a poor mentality in the child. Another of the points interesting work in the book rich dad, poor dad, is that parents should not show to their children as a way to follow what people say in schools, since it is precisely education useful for the development of the activities of economic progress, since conformist school system generates a mentality, because this shows what study for someday to work for someoneWhile necessary to cope with money is the obligation to think and act in accordance with leadership and so be able to deal with media that generate capital without paying attention to anybody, being oneself who direct their works.. e implications. .