Medical Center

Look for information about the specialist and you will want to join us on the diagnosis! With systems "Oberon" and "Ray" RK Shikherimov for 8 years. The most complete picture gives it diagnostics in agriculture OBERON. Many people ask why we recommend a comprehensive survey, even if symptoms indicate a specific location of the problem. In I give a clear answer case, said Academician BV Poppy on one of his lectures on private pathology – as one well-known in certain circles of people suffering from pain in the heart. It seems, then treated for angina. But it did not help. And once he came down with a running stomach ulcer (now as much a protrusion formed).

This story rather sad ending, especially considering that the heart just the same was healthy … Complete examination by a competent specialist could improve the situation. Not for nothing they say: who correctly diagnoses, treats correctly. Now the drawbacks: Yeah, do not be surprised ..)) – Limited number of clients. We can not accept diagnostic results of 90%, ie 50 abnormalities detected an average of 45.

– Doctor does not hold preliminary consultations free of charge. Perhaps in the future, when staff will be completed, we will introduce such a service. As you may have you know, our doctor will reveal even the initial signs of each disease, in order to prevent the progression of disease detection, many patients have successfully used traditional Chinese medicine preparations. This allows them to safely (avoiding the side effects) to restore the internal power balance, the normal regulation, and as a result – the functioning of organs and tissues. Our friends from the site just work with world-famous companies producing recreational products in accordance with the concepts of U-Shin, a traditional Chinese medicine. Obraduem:) For our clients that have passed a comprehensive diagnosis of "Oberon" in Tianshi products and Livest discounts are offered. More on Diagnost.Name We are very grateful to partners for their support Och.priyatno, is not it? Medical Center in which our office is working diagnosis is in the street Krzyzanowski, near st.m.Profsoyuznaya. We work by appointment only. Call me at any time. If I'm busy – can leave a message on the answering machine. PS Here we discussed the pros and cons of computer examination of the body. What now remains? And only one thing – to decide how many seats to reserve for a comprehensive diagnosis:) Come to the whole family!

Testosterone and Nutrition

Many people know about the impact of testosterone on physical, psychological and sexual performance by men. This time, the relationship of testosterone and nutrition, herbs and other gifts of nature. The use of drugs, increase levels of testosterone have long managed to become one of the methods in the fight for medals in the big sports. Doping control is precisely designed to identify drugs that stimulate the production of male sex hormones. Except chemistry of this therapy helps in some cases to restore reproductive function, but the chemistry – a double edged sword. Artificial increase in testosterone levels by chemical means sometimes compromising the health of men and athletes. Meanwhile, there are enough resources of natural origin. Of great importance is human nutrition.

There are products stimulate the production of testosterone, but there is that stimulate estrogen, female sex hormone. I'll start with alcohol. Alcohol in small doses stimulates the production of hormones. However, here too, its fun. Pure or diluted ethylene – vodka, alcohol and spirituous beverages, from grapes, apricot, mulberry, etc.

– Natural wine, brandy, brew, chacha, etc. stimulate the release of testosterone. Then, as fermentation products (beer, ale) stimulate the production of estrogen. In addition, hops added to the beer itself inhibits the production of testosterone. The results of long-term use of these types of drinks are often affected by the figure on the areas of fat deposits. The situation is similar with the products. Huge importance for the hormonal status of man is the quality of protein consumed.