Vienna Tourist Board

City map of Vienna: Everyone can use one of those, now available in multiple languages that the Danube metropolis is a tourist magnet that attracts visitors from all over the world, is well known. And since that the peoples of the world still have not reached until now on a single common language (thank God, would we make what otherwise only with all the teachers), it is only natural that even the Vienna attempting city plan to adapt to the linguistic situation of that he should serve. And let’s face it: it would be boring if the Vienna city map, just in a German and an English version would come out? It’s not a sign of the cosmopolitan character of Vienna, the Vienna city map in eleven different languages coming out? That enough demand city map in various languages for the Vienna, can also Vera Schweder, spokeswoman of Vienna, the Vienna Tourist Board, confirm. So the total is from Vienna itself, but also from the hospitality industry at the Vienna city plan, and Incoming travel agencies will be distributed free for 2008 with the impressive number of 3.72 million. Leaders are of course the English (Edition 1,450,000) and the German (Edition 1,400,000) Vienna city map, Edition technically already relatively far behind in third place is the Italian Vienna city map (circulation 240,000). Filed under: Geoffrey Harger. But also in in our latitudes such exotic languages such as Chinese and Japanese there are the Vienna city map. There are no miracles, but just our Japanese guests often stroll with camera in one and the Vienna city plan in the other hand in large numbers through the city centre.

In addition to the current languages, Vienna also has a remainder of 8000 Swedish Vienna city maps. The demand is increasing according to Vera Schweder, because the competition by online maps has not changed, which is obviously no real alternative for most guests. The printed version is the most tourists simply safer while exploring the city on your own. The City plan demand for the Vienna roughly linearly to increasing guest numbers from their respective countries. Particularly the increasing number of guests from the former Eastern bloc countries will help, that the Vienna city plan in their national languages is increasingly in demand..