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The new single by Shelley – so love feels for me on with so love feels to me to “prove the two once again impressive that they have long since found their own style of music. The title was written by Susanna and Andreas itself and while listening to you can feel it directly, you mean it exactly how they say it.” The two wish, that their latest single is well received in the music programs and plays perhaps even in the hearts of listeners – and listeners. You are a happy couple with two hearts that are simply made for each other. (Source: Anders M Tomson). The native Spanish Susanna and Andreas Hesse-born live in the Hessian Gross Gerau, enjoy their love and their lives a life that is also very busy with music. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dorothy Wright Nelson. Because for about 10 years now already together are the two on stage, released singles div. and their musical career path that brought them so far many beautiful situations go step by step. German Spanish The two for their stage programs promise music power”and they also keep it. With multilingual repertoire and entertaining presentations Susanna and Andreas Schonfeld are always charming and entertaining. Source: Amanda entertainment over more news and information: contact: Amanda German Spanish music power P.o..