Corporate Reporting Companies

Means of preparing corporate accounting firms provide access to data, report generation and delivery of information wide range of customers both inside and outside the organization. Reporting enterprise – is a set of interrelated indicators presented in the appropriate approved form, the outcome of the company during the past reporting period. Statements of an entity collects, organizes and reflects all the information on financial – economic activity of the enterprise, including physical indicators variables profit and loss targets for the possibilities and prospects. Based on an analysis of reporting company built its future strategy development and management decisions. The reporting system of the enterprise should provide a complete set of tools for creating, publishing, delivery and management reports. These tools also serve as a basis for building a BI-systems due to the fact that they allow to ensure the provision of safe mode most often used information via the web or embedded in the form of a corporate application statements.

Global standard for enterprise reporting generation are considered to be a reporting system Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports Server. Crystal Reports – the most popular report generator that allows you to create reports based on data from almost any source, including relational databases, ERP and CRM-systems. Crystal Reports has an intuitive interface for rapid creation of flexible, informative and user-friendly reports of any complexity and high quality. Created reports in Crystal Reports can be integrated into Web-based applications, portals and client applications, and can spread through the organization of corporate reporting. Crystal Reports report generator integrates with leading application development platforms.