Patients with indication of baritrica surgery can get the improvement of the quality of life, diminish co morbidade associates and control the obesidade from the surgical procedure (TOLEDO et al., 2010). not medicamentoso Treatment the medicamentoso or surgical treatment is indicated for patients with difficulty to lose weight or co physiological morbidade, however the treatment more recommended for the obesidade this focado in the feeding, in the survey of the mannering profile of the patient, in the practical one of physical exercises and the nutricional education (CADE et al., 2009). The mannering change and the adhesion to the healthful alimentary plan are essential to reach resulted satisfactory in the loss of weight (MALACHIAS et al., 2010). The alimentary re-education is one of the main factors of the energy balance, a time that the obesidade is consequence of an energy disequilibrium, where the calrica ingestion exceeds the expense of energy, the reduction of the calrica ingestion together with physical activities that increase the expense of energy, can help in the loss of weight (BUSSE, 2004). Farmacoterapia of the obesidade As Coutinho (2000) the medicine use in the treatment of the obesidade must be only one coadjuvante in the alimentary re-education, I stimulate in it to practise physical exercises and to help in the change of the habits of life of the patient obeso. For its use the patient must present the following conditions: the conventional treatment (diet, mannering change and increase of the physical activity) did not get success.

Equal or bigger Patient with IMC that 25kg/m, when it will be associated with other factors of risk as diabetes, arterial hipertenso, etc. equal or bigger Patient with IMC that 30kg/m. The farmacoterapia does not have to be only focada in the loss of weight, but also in the reduction of the risks of co morbidade and mortality.