Foot Massage

This problem is known to many of the fairer sex, basically. In the evening after working hours start to ache terribly feet. It is not possible to sit quietly, every now and then reduces the calves, shins, feet, muscles begin to painfully twitch. Doctors say the prevalence of this problem. To get rid of this painful experience, you must perform a set of special procedures, implementation of which will require no more than 20-30 minutes and will bring significant relief. And the first of what it takes to get started – it's not varicose veins, which may be cured at an early stage, or removed by surgery in advanced. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA will not settle for partial explanations. It is better if the plane massage In a comfortable horizontal position on the bed, feet up and leaning them against the wall under the most extreme angles. Soak both for 10 minutes.

This will cause the flow of blood, and fatigue and pain, and swelling of the legs will go. 2. such "shocks" take a break for 10 seconds and repeat (all – 3 times). Sitting on a chair, lift your feet and make circular movements with your feet. Repeat 10-15 times. This will improve blood circulation. First, bend your toes down, and then abruptly straighten them up. By the way, to great effect, the same exercise is useful to perform several times throughout the day, such as the working lunch.

To ease tired feet can also be used means available. Take, for example, the old wooden abacus. Seated, put them under his feet and 10-15 times out on them "steps" (move your feet, as when walking). If the accounts you have, you can make a special mat: on polyurethane foam, covered with any fabric, nasheyte chaotically buttons of different sizes (preferably not flat, but with frogs, convex), and "Walk" on the mat 10-15 times a day. 3. Massage. Sit comfortably, so that you can reach out to the ankle and foot. To begin stroking the legs do the top down, from shin to foot, to relieve stress and relax muscles. Stroking committed by both hands, gently and without haste. Next Massage the ankle at the same time: right hand – his right leg and left arm, left leg. Upon completion of grinding on 5-10 bend-straighten the foot, rotate it to relax. "Foot" option if you are in any Heel rub the other foot in the direction of the leg from the toes to the rise of the foot along the (upward) in a circular motion and across (from side to side). Then, the inner edge of the foot massage movements with the same calf. Follow the massage so alternately on both legs. 4. Pobultyhaemsya. In the evening, after work you massage will be very useful for a good rest and sound sleep contrast foot bath. It should take you no more, too ten minutes. Prepare two basin: a hot (38-40 C) and cold water (28-30 C). In the water can be added to extracts of mint, chamomile, sea salt – it gives a nice relaxing effect. First rasparte feet in hot water, and then for 15-20 seconds way: Wet your hands with vegetable oil or lotion and rub your legs stronger movements on both sides, moving up from ankle to knee, then down – tapping fingers. Foot massage as follows: first