Formal and Informal Education

We can say that the Education (formal and not formal) is an education for the action, facilitating one better knowledge of ecological, economic, social and cultural the processes. The ambient education must foment the social change from the development of values, attitudes and abilities to assume an ambient responsibility. The tourism can contribute. The tourist is an individual capable to ahead transform its behavior during the trip when developing different answers of the situations and environments for where if she dislocates and that she perceives of different form to the habitual one. The tourism can be become into a trigger of situations that can be materialized in ' ' good prticas' ' (not to play garbage, to take care of of the trees, etc.) or new demands that compel the market to take measured by control. The great transformations caused for the man in the environment have led to the planet to a crisis situation being therefore, necessary to establish the balance with the nature. This takes in them to the development concept sustainable that according to World-wide Commission on the Environment and Development, is a development whose general principle is to satisfy the necessities human beings of the gift without compromising the capacity of the future generations to satisfy the proper ones.

The concept of Ambient Education gained height from years 70 when the ambient degradation started to be considered a social problem. The challenge of the ambient education is to promote a new relation of the society human being with its entorno, in order to look for that the current and future generations have a personal and collective development more just, equitable and sustainable. The final objective of the ambient education is to obtain that a social group or individual, leaving of its immediate reality, obtains changes of conscience, attitude and behavior and through a critical method of analysis, foments its proper responsibility and participation in the solution of the ambient problems in cooperation with the remaining portion of the population.