Healing Life

Ho Ho’oponopono is an ancient method of healing and self-help Hawaiian, that teaches us to clean mental blockages, emotions of anxiety, sadness that which causes us an imbalance in our lives. This technique has made it known Dr. Hew Len, after learning that he had healed a pavilion of mental patients and people who had committed murders in a hospital in Hawaii. He received at the same time the technique of kahuna (healer) Morrnah, once it heal her daughter from an ailment which dragged for years. Ho Ho’oponopono means doing what is right or correct the error.

Part of the principle, shared, incidentally, by many other ancient wisdoms, that we are 100% responsible for what happens in our lives. This assertion, which can be little acceptable still, for quite a few people have their arguments within the quantum and spiritual paradigm. People are shaped by the supraconsciencia, the consciousness and the subconscious. The subconscious is like the hard drive of the person, It contains all the memories of our existence and creates our reality depending on those memories. If we want happiness, but life brings unfortunate events, there is a subconscious memory that generates that reality in our lives. Our subconscious occupies 90% of what we are compared to 10% of the conscious. Most people live thinking that we are conscious beings, which arrives at our conscience is the result of memories that reside in the subconscious. Have you seen pictures of Masaru Emoto water crystals? The water which has received thoughts of hatred displays a chaotic picture, when you receive thoughts of love and gratitude generated a few crystals of great beauty.

This fact, that Masaru Emoto has managed to capture and demonstrate so well in his photographs, also applies the technique of Ho Ho’oponopono. The technique involves awareness of thought or feeling that generates us discomfort and send these thoughts to this energy/thought or emotion: forgive me sorry I love you like the water, thought/emotion thanks of pain is powered by these four phrases, tell them it is as if you were saying something so: I recognize you because I feel discomfort, forgive me, sorry (because somehow forms part of my), I love you (love frequency transmutes any other frequency) and thank you (because that energy has already been cleaned. This can be done when the person is capable of integrating the idea of being responsible for 100% of what happens in your life, has nothing to do with the guilt, nor need to understand why is there, just as you’re feeling part of it and clean it. It is a gift to be able to assume that each person has the ability to transform his own life and that it is no longer fault of life, or a family member, or that we have to wait for something or someone to solve a situation. We have the power and the tool for care, cleaning, our inner world, the more clean more space there is for light, the inspiration for our own prosperity, to connect with the being that we are, to return home.