How To Choose An Interesting Movie ?

All of moviegoers, there is one big problem. It consists in choosing a film. Worth watching a movie or not? Does he like it? Because the film requires a fairly large amount of time, but when it comes to buying, then the money. Yes – tell you – as well as a description of a film, which is available on virtually any disk? Well, – I answer – and how many times have you disappointed in the movies, the descriptions that you read on the covers of their CDs? In fact every now and then. Purpose any such description is to buy film. It does not matter how good the movie actually is. If you write to disk the truth, the film will not buy (if we talk about such a mediocre movie). If a little spice description, you can earn a good idea.

But it's much sadder for the true connoisseurs of good movies is not even that. Worst of all frustration occurring after realizing that you were swept around the finger. After all, why people watch some movies more than once? They know perfectly well what the outcome of the film, perhaps they have already memorized all the replicas. But they believe that watching this movie just give them the unforgettable moments, lived not in my life, and in atmosphere though invented, but another world. And it is quite specific feelings: laughter, tears, anger, sadness, courage, etc. A strange film – it's always a risk that find yourself not where we would like. Therefore, based on invented by spin-doctors can not describe.

Fair and impartial assessment of the film can only be answered by those who themselves is the audience and who have looked at some film. But that's not all. It is necessary that this description is consistent with certain requirements that are dictated by common sense. For example, the reader should not know the plot and details of the film, otherwise the film would not be fun to watch. The author of the article should skillfully to give a "bite" movie, intrigue, and do not feed all the most interesting moments. I, unfortunately, very rarely come across for, even if this principle. A mass of such principles, but this article makes no sense to talk about them. I do not want to teach you to create such descriptions. But at least his ability to do this I have already applied for the common benefit of all moviegoers. I created my blog in which impartially see new movies and hate them the verdict on the basis of which You can come to view these movies more deliberately, not expecting them to what they can not give. Link to a blog can be found below. Blog fairly new, but I try to regularly upload there new descriptions. Each description of a discussion in which one can express all that is in the bounds of decency. I invite everyone to take part in creating a believable image of modern films.